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Have the right attitude and take actions and decisions with balanced mind

It is an expression of favor or disfavor towards a person, place, thing, event, etc., It is also a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. 

As human beings, we should have a special attitude by which others may not be affected. Moreover, we should develop an attitude so that other living beings should become happy and satisfied with our behavior. This behavior or our attitude may differ when dealing with different persons or living beings. If you meet a learned preacher, you offer fruits and clothes and pray for blessings, thereby he becomes happy and satisfied with your attitude. But towards a cow, your attitude will differ. You give green grass, sweet water and protect it from rain, sunshine, etc., That is enough for a cow to become happy. Likewise, your attitude will change with your pet dog or parrot, etc. And your attitude towards a plumber, scavenger, or servant will also differ. You should think he is no less than you and moreover, you should treat him as a helper in day-to-day work which you cannot perform without his help.

By thinking and exhibiting your attitude like this all your co-beings will become equally happy and it becomes a harmonious and give and take relationship developed in the society. This is what Lord Krishna preached in Geetha and also followed the same in day-to-day life.

At times someone may hurt you without proper reason. In such situations also your attitude should be cool and calm. That means your attitude should raise the same cool and calm condition in the other man also. If that attitude does not work you can punish him with the same cool mind undisturbed, thinking that he will change with that punishment. This should be your attitude by which you and other beings should be on the safe side.

Deal everything with an unshaken balanced mind.

If you are happened to be placed in the seat of a Judge and happen to give hanging as judgment according to the evidence available, then also you should not be perturbed. You think that the murderer has no place in society, and this has happened for the safety of society. 

The same policy and the same kind of attitude Lord Krishna adopted in his lifetime. As a friend, he respected the poor Kuchela and loved cow-herd girls in proportion to their love. He also killed so many kings according to their cruelty. But before killing he gave a long rope to them to realize for themselves. First, he tried for mending the people to the right side. In the case of their deaf ear, He ended them to safeguard good and piety people and retain peace in the society. He never got irritated in his deeds. Such is the attitude one should have.

To know how to progress on the right side, read the spiritual articles posted on this website.

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