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What is Transmission of Yogic energy(Pranahuti)?

Updated: Feb 5

In Sanskrit, ‘prana’ means life-force and ‘ahuti’ means offering. So pranahuti means ‘offering of the life-force’.  Pranahuti(transmission) is a way to accelerate one’s spiritual growth with the grace of a Spiritual Master. The energy flows directly from the Spiritual Master to the individual via heart to heart.

In the spiritual practice, the flow of yogic power from the Master to the disciples plays an important role in the transformation of man into a perfect human being. It regulates the mental tendency from going off track and thereby brings his senses and activities into a state of perfect balance and moderation.

Spiritual training for the attainment of higher stages is only possible only by the process of Yogic transmission and by no other means. In support of this verify the following: 

It is stated as follows in the 3rd sloka of Dakshinamurthy Stotram by  Adi Sankara Charya.

“Citraṃ vaṭa-taror-mūle vṛuddhāḥ śiṣhyāḥ gurur yuvā

   Gurostu maunam vyākhyānaṃ śiṣhyāstuc chinnasaṃśayāḥ”

It is indeed a strange scene, wherein at the base of a Banyan tree are seated aged disciples in front of a young Guru.  The Guru is silent, and silence is his exposition and clears the doubts perfectly from the Disciples’ minds.  

It means a young guru through his will force transmitting yogic energy of Godly effulgence to his disciples silently from the heart to heart.

Pranapratishta as per Pancharatra Agama Sastra refers to the ceremony by which a Vigraha or Murthi is consecrated in a Hindu temple. Hymns and mantras are recited by a yogi who is capable to perform Pranapratishta. The ritual is considered to infuse life into the Murthi.

After the whole process, the Vigraha or Murthi is no longer termed Murthi but instead, the deity invoked within the Murti. The prana enlivens that particular Murthi and makes it holy so that whoever bows before it, his mind stops thinking about his own life and material things and he experiences peace and happiness.

Like the above, Lord Krishna might have transmitted the divine energy to Arjuna on the battlefield and made him an immortal hero, as can be seen from the great epic Mahabharata which consists of around One lakh slokas and wherein Bhagavath Githa was a part taught in about 700 slokas by Lord Sri Krishna to Arjuna. In Mahabarath itself, the original version of the story relating to Pandavas and Kauravas with the title of “Jaya” consists of about 8,800 slokas.

So Lord Sri Krishna might have said few slokas at the beginning of the War to Arjuna and later might have been elaborated to about 700 slokas like the present available Mahabarath because both sides had already sounded their conch shells and it won’t look reasonable to share Githa to Arjuna for hours together. Githa might have transmitted to Arjuna from heart to heart within few minutes.

If we examine the above versions  carefully that  when a  capable person  can transmit  prana shakthi  into vigrahas, why not a capable Guru or Master can transmit his yogic energy of Godly effulgence to his disciples through pranahuti?

Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj, who is the founder of the Sahaj Marg system has that power  and through his teachings says that:

Power of transmission is Yogic attainment of very high orders by which a Yogi can infuse by his own will force the Yogic energy of Godly effulgence within anyone and remove anything unwanted in him or detrimental to his spiritual progress. He can exercise these powers not only on those assembled around him but on those, too, who are away from him. The power can be utilised in any way at any time. One who has got command over this power can, at a glance, create temporarily or permanently, a condition of the mind which is far ahead of the existing condition of the mind of an Abhyasi and which otherwise will require a lifetime to be achieved.

It is a matter of greatest regret and pity that this age-old process of Yogic transmission originated and widely practiced by our ancient sages has now gone into complete oblivion in the very land of its origin, where today only but a few might feel inclined to believe it even. Some people try to ridicule it by misrepresenting it as nothing but mesmerism or hypnotism.

A capable Guru, who is a selfless man and a true servant of humanity at large, teaching people out of pure love without any ulterior selfish motive of name, fame, or money has the power and capacity to transmit by his will force the spiritual state into the heart of the Abhyasi and to remove complexities and obstructions therefrom. 

As the Abhyasi is accustomed to feel through the senses only, he may not feel anything immediately at the start of the practice. The progress will mainly depend upon his faith, devotion and love towards his Master and it regulates the mental tendency from going off track and thereby brings his senses and activities into a state of perfect balance and moderation and the real task of our journey will become smooth in the spiritual field.

Courtesy: B.E.Sampath Kumar, Sri Ramchandraji Seva Trust, Kadapa.

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