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Split any file – Exchange in an email – Join the parts easily

We want to share some very good files with our friends but sometimes the file sizes can become a limitation to be sent in an email. If we use a messenger service then it may be possible to exchange the file directly without any email, but even for doing this we need to have the sender and the receiver using the same messenger at both sides. Suppose if there are problems with the internet speed and the sender and receiver using two different messenger or email programs the things will become a mess.

So what is the solution? For this kind of a problem, HJSplit software is the solution. Copyrighted to , HJSplit 2.3 is a small piece of File splitting software program for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT, 95, 98, ME. HJSplit is able to split files of any type and any size. It is a Freeware, free for commercial and non commercial use. As mentioned by on its webpage, you can distribute this program, freely and without charge (on CD-ROMs, Websites, etc.) provided that you do not change the program or the zip file in any way, that the program is clearly freeware or shareware, that you do not ask any money for the program itself.

Having known this let us see how this program works for us.

You can split almost all the files, including AutoCAD, zip files, mp3 and anything.

To use, it is simple, just run this exe file found in the folder when you download it for free from

There are two things that you can do with this software.

  1. You can split the file into many part files, you can also set the memory limit for each part file. For example, you can chose to split a 5 MB file into some part files of 30 KB or 40 KB or 50 KB according to the requirements or limitations of the mail program you use.

  2. You can just join all these part files with the same software and create the original file.

This HJ Split software can be considered as a mechanical workshop, in which all the components are produced which make the designed final product. Then all the part files are assembled in the same way like in a production line.

The only important point to be remembered is that before splitting and also while joining, it is better to create a new folder. Do all the splitting and assemblage in the same folder so that we don’t mess up things at the end.

Otherwise, even if we miss a single part file of say some 10 KB, the original file may be corrupted. It seems to be so simple, right? Enjoy this software. Thanks to the software provider and their good idea. Apart from this there are so many other useful softwares found on this site.

Copyright &copy 2010-2020 ViprasCraft. All rights reserved.

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