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Raising your inner happiness raises the happiness in the World

Raising your ‘Real inner happiness’ raises/increases the happiness of the World. Every one of us has the potential to raise the inner happiness in the mind of self first, and thereby increase the happiness of the world.

Real happiness won’t come just by the accumulation of the wealth, fame or material prosperity. There are innumerable examples in the world and in the history for this. Real happiness only comes when we contribute, mark it, when we contribute only.

A quick remembrance of all the so-called influential people both good and bad, in the annals of history, reveals the fact that those who contributed for the good, to the world at large, have been hailed as heroes and role models while those others who were fascist or authoritarian in their approach have been denounced as disgraceful people.

Most of today’s politicians in almost all the countries of the world are also good examples of people who were popular, but not of them were regarded as heroes and role models. Have you really seen the happy faces of any current generation politicians? No. If there are, they are countable on our finger tips! Isn’t it? But aren’t they popular? Of course, Yes!

So attaining popularity and living with pomp and glory make the life of a person luxurious, but won’t make those people happy and can never make the world around them happy. Maybe some of their sidekicks, kith and kin could be happy. These selfish people will only add up to the misery of the world.

Contribution is always a Service to others. The quickest way to accelerate your real inner happiness is to dedicate yourself to growing the happiness of others. There is more joy in giving than in receiving, in almost anything.

Not all of us can contribute to the society. We have be truly inspired for this to happen. We’ll be inspired only when we follow true principles, have selfless thoughts and leadership thinking. And finally when we contribute we derive that inner happiness.

Reading philosophy, getting connected with Nature, identifying how blessed we are in our lives are all the simple techniques one could follow to attain inner peace at first, and this will be followed by integrated actions which really benefit the world, and thereby this inspiration helps us to contribute to the world.

If there is our strong will, we can always find a way to increase the happiness of others. Most of the times, all good people around us will be happy if we just do our work in the best way we can, so that those who are linked to us directly or indirectly will be happy.

Work could be anything something like a husband taking care of the family, like an employee dedicated to the cause of the company, like a social citizen doing his part to the country’s benefit and so on!

Ancient Indian philosophy had already stated, “Manava Seva Madhava Seva” which literally means, “Service to Mankind is Service to God”.

Therefore, if the people are with a little philosophical mind, they could really be leaders in their professions and their contributions are always going to make the world happy. And by their efforts to make this world a happy place, they too derive immense happiness and peace of mind.

For example, the great visionaries like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and like, have all derived their happiness at some stage of their business careers, by creating foundations that truly serve the society. Just question yourself as how many politicians have the value similar to them?

And we have the greatest visionaries like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, APJ Abdul Kalam, and many others, who have put the country first even above the luxuries of their lives. The world needs such people.

And we have to truly appreciate the leadership maestros like Robin Sharma, Stephen Covey, Anthony Robbins, John Maxwell, etc, who are constantly striving to guide the business world to embrace the true leadership and for bringing in a beautiful change in this world!

God bless all of them and may their efforts reach every nook and corner of the world soon!

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