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Internet Sharing Between PC and Laptop

In Home there may be a personal laptop and a desktop PC which is connected to the Internet, Everybody in home want to share the Internet with each other along with their respective documents. With an Ethernet crossover cable it is possible to share both computers as there is a built-in Ethernet port on each. However, there is only one Ethernet port on desktop or Laptop which is connected to the cable modem. Then how can we share the Internet among them?

The Network layout below shows the possible cable connections that suits to your situation. Your laptop is connected to your desktop using an Ethernet crossover cable. Hence the only port of Ethernet on Desktop was occupied by a cross over cable of Laptop (#1, #2 connectors are used). Your desktop needs another Ethernet port to be connected to the cable modem. As the other Ethernet port (connector #3) is used for connection to a modem (via connector #4), you have to install the Ethernet adapter in your desktop. Presently some motherboards are capable of having inbuilt 2 Ethernet Ports, but what about the older ones that have a single? Here are the procedures or modifications have to be done in your Network for sharing internet among your PCs. The general connection of PC – Laptop with Internet sharing in a Home network is as shown below…

Internet Sharing - 1.jpg


Network LAN - 1.jpg

Now connect the PC- Laptop with Ethernet crossover cable then you might observe the connected LANs…

Network LAN - 2.jpg

When you connect PC to Laptop you will find the Home Network as shown below when you open Network and Sharing Center…

Home Network.jpg

Where these home network is not connected to the Internet. Now you have two LANs present in your Network one is connected to the Laptop (Home Network) and another is connected to the Modem (Internet). You will see all connected Networks glowing without any cross marks indicated. You have to observe that which Ethernet is connected to”Home Network Connection (All Users PC)” and the other to your “Broad band or Internet (USB)”, so that you can select it from drop down menu. Make sure that you have checked the correct “Home Network” (Here All Users Pc is a Home Network) from drop down menu for “Internet Connection Sharing” and select the appropriate check boxes listed below for access permissions of your network. Be careful with the option “Establish a Dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the internet”, when you don’t want any of the computers in the Network connect automatically. Also take care about the control option for the network users.

BSNL - Internet.jpg

The complete sharing of your Home Network to the Internet is as shown below…

Internet Sharing - 2.jpg

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