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Beep Counts

We observe generally that every time when our system restart’s or when turn it on, can makes BEEP sound. Some times there will be a lot of variations in the frequency of beep sound. When you observe carefully the number of beeps you hear will vary. There will be a “Single”,”Continuous” or “No” beep sound’s occur.

These “Beep” sounds indicates the healthy condition of our PC. BIOS manufacturers use these sounds in order to identify the condition of the system.

There are different BIOS manufacturers among them the most used BIOS “Award-BIOS” makes a “Single Beep” on system startup.

If for any errors in Hardware you wont get any display message, for example improper placement of RAM or error in Display Card you may get a beep sound with varying frequencies such as one single beep followed by two short beeps.

The continuous sound of short length frequency can occur where your RAM is damaged. If there is no beep and no display then there is a problem in Mother Board.

AMI-BIOS works in a different Manner where there is a detail information lies with the beep count as follows..

  1. One Beep : Memory refresh error, Improper placement of memory modules.

  2. Two Beep’s : Memory parity error.

  3. Three Beep’s : Same as for two.

  4. Four Beep’s : Fault in “Timer Chips”,Problem in Mother Board.

  5. Five Beep’s : CPU error,Remove the Processor and replace by cleaning the contacts.

  6. Six Beep’s : Problem in Address circuit A20.

  7. Seven Beep’s : Unidentified Error.

  8. Eight Beep’s : Defect in Graphic Card Memory.

  9. Nine Beep’s : ROM checksum is not correct,Install the updated BIOS.

  10. Ten Beep’s : CMOS is defective, select BIOS setup and re save data with save and exit.

  11. Eleven Beep’s : Defective cache memory,check the memory module whether it is placed correctly.

NOTE : If there is any loose contacts or burnt occur due to power, it is better to change Mother Board. REF : The Basic Information is taken from the article published on “1998” in CHIP Magazine.

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