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Be Pure – A Pure Thought is a Great Service to this World

People generally like purity of atmosphere, environment and even bodily purity so that they may live a comfortable life. Internal purity will automatically bring external purity.  A man with internal purity will act righteously in all his activities. Nobody likes impurity. That is why some people maintain purity for others sake to have good relationship with them. Whatever it may be, keeping oneself pure and clean is beneficial both to self and to others. It keeps diseases away and gives long life too. This is true and known to each and every body.

But there is one more field (aspect) where we have to maintain purity.  That is the field of thinking.  That is quite internal. Having pure thought is a godly quality. No doubt it is an inborn quality in human beings. It will come from nowhere. It is already there within. Only thing we have to do is to maintain it as it is. But what we do is, we spoil it with wrong conceptions.

For example if our neighbor or relative gets wonderful gains from his business, immediately we develop jealousy towards him for no reason. Yes for no reason, because there is absolutely no loss to us in any way.  Thereby we spoil our inner purity and develop internal enmity. Instead of becoming like this we might have congratulated our neighbor or relative for his success. That might have led to good friendship which is always helpful.  Yes a man in profits will definitely be helpful. If not, what is there? There is no loss to us. But one benefit is there. That is how our inner purity can be maintained.

Our undue wants, over expectations, greediness, discontentment, and unwanted compassions with others – all these things will spoil our thoughts and lead to internal impurity.

Now-a-days Doctors are also telling that discomfort in thought brings cancer, heart attacks and insanity for which there is no proper cure.  Knowing this fact, the people of rich countries are resorting to meditation to make their thoughts regularized and be in calm and pure condition. This is regarding our personal health and for comfortable life.

But there is one more great danger from this internal impurity which our eminent saints are proclaiming that people are spoiling the astral region from their wrong thoughts and conceptions and that is the reason for all these natural calamities.  Religious fanaticism is also contributing its share to it.  All these put together the world is being thrown into fire making it uncomfortable to the coming generations.  No right precautions are being taken to avoid this danger. Now-a-days impurity has been settled in each and every profession. Viz., Doctors, Lawyers, Govt employees, business people etc.

For example most of the Doctors are collecting huge money towards hospital expenses  from their patients irrespective of their economic status whether they are  poor or rich and instructing the patients to have investigations from their selected laboratories which have some sort of understanding with them. Physician samples which are meant for free distribution among the patients are being sold in Medical Shops relating to some private hospitals. Are the Doctors are not aware of it?

Most of the clients have displeasure  with  their Lawyers towards payment of their fees and expenses. Some Lawyers are  defending the accused  after coming to know that they(accused) have committed crimes by violating their professional ethics. Number of complaints are being  registered against the Lawyers for their misconduct in the concerned Bar Councils.

It is annoying to note that most of the govt. servants are corrupt.  Business people are creating artificial scarcity of commodities for their gains. To the extent possible, most of the Engineers acting as approving authorities appointed by the Government, along with the contractors try to cheat their clients who have no technical know-how. For example in construction works and in irrigation projects. Being Indians, we must be ashamed to note that our country occupied 87th position in the ranking of least corrupt countries in surveys conducted by some Organizations.

Now a days you can see more impurity has been spread in politics. Instead of thinking about the welfare of the people, most of the politicians became more selfish and became money making machines. They have earned crores of rupees but they have no satisfaction.  Their craving for money has no end. In this pursuit they have left behind all ethical values. It has almost become a Satan kingdom having no protection to the common man. To protect their position they resort to any kind of violence. They do not feel shy even to provoke communal clashes disturbing the harmony among the people. Because of their ill-earned money their children have also become spoiled. All this is due to greediness and insecurity in their thoughts.

Unlimited earnings and savings are only with the humans. This quality is not there in other living beings. Saving is good to some extent, but after some limit it hurts others. It does not allow others to live. We are spoiling the atmosphere and at the same time, we are leaving our children in the spoiled atmosphere. Thus we are becoming more responsible for our children’s irregularities.

The remedy for this evil is to make man content by regulating his thoughts.  By making him to believe in God and his Judgment and to make him believe that, a pure thought is the greatest service to the universe.  This helps for even ones spiritual advancement.

Sri Ramachandraji  Maharaj’s Sahaj Marg system is one of the best systems to regulate the human thinking and keeps one in purity always.  There is a separate method in Sahajmarg system for self-cleaning and keeping one’s self always pure. For details, please refer to the article ‘Real Goal Of Human Life’ on this website.

Courtesy: Sri P. Subbarayudu & Sri B.E. Sampath Kumar of Sri Rama Chandraji Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.

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