Which are Beautiful Eyes?

Eyes are organs of the visual system and are blessings of God to humans.  Everybody has different types of eyes.  Some people have brown and some have black and many other colors.  Round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned and almond are the six main eye shapes and all are fabulous in their own way.  They are more  than just windows to the outside world. God gave us eyes to see the beauty in nature. Eyes can express sadness, anger, joy, fear, jealousy and surprise. In humans,  male and female have different facial characteristics caused by the hormone-testosterone levels which they possess. Facial beauty plays a crucial role  in social interactions. Eyes and hair are more important for the beauty of the face.  Eyes are considered as one of the most wonderful things we have. With our eyes, we could see the beauty of God's creation.  Sometimes, we can also presume how a person feels through his /her eyes which indicate anger, sadness, happiness, or sometimes disgust. Eyes reflect


Sacrifice comes from the Latin sacra and facere, meaning "to perform sacred rites". Sacrifice means a sacred Act. It is giving up something important especially for the sake of someone or something else. Sacrifice in other words is to kill an animal(s) in a ritualized slaughter and offer it to a God or Goddess, in order to fulfill the desires of some people. Parents sacrifice time and sleep to take care of their children mostly regarding their health. They always try to provide the best education to their children even by going beyond their financial status i.e., borrowing money or by selling properties. Some poor parents have to even give up a one-time meal to feed their kids. They sacrifice their today's pleasures so that their children can have better opportunities tomorrow. The sacrifices they make for their children are innumerable. Children should be grateful for everything their parents have done for them and never abandon them at their old age and always help the

Raw Food Diet

Food is considered raw when it is not cooked or heated. The raw food diet is usually plant-based, being made up mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Vegetables lose their nutrients mostly when they are overcooked. The latest diet trend is eating raw foods such as vegetables, fruits,  seeds  and nuts. Raw food supporters believe that the raw foods are ideal for human health,  can cause weight loss because it contains low calories, improves vitality,  improves overall health,. They also believe that cooking destroys considerable natural enzymes in foods, which are vital to human health and digestion.  Taking only raw food/eating fruits at least one time daily will give us numerous health benefits like controlling blood pressure because it contains low sodium, which might help in lowering chances of stroke, constipation, heart failure, osteoporosis kidney diseases, and losing weight. Before preparing raw food, all vegetables and fruits must be thoroughly cleaned in water

What is Bliss(Happiness-Ananda) and how to achieve it?

Bliss is a state of complete happiness or joy .  It is real happiness,  undisturbed joy, or contentment. It is a state of unity,  never tedious,  always new, broad and infinite.  It is an eternal,  forever unchanging reality that prevailed in the Universe.  Hindu scriptures describe Brahman as Ananda(pure bliss ) itself. In the materialistic world happiness-ananda is a joyful state attained through the fulfillment of desires or acquiring some material gains. Possessing wealth and making use of it, having good health without diseases, possessing good educational qualifications, achieving good jobs,   having a good family, etc., are examples of bliss-ananda in the materialistic world. It is not always possible to maintain positive values in the home of tolerance, sharing,  respect and kindness. If one has a wish to possess a big house or landed property and even after possessing it after some hard work, the happiness will last only for a few days. After which once again unhapp

Losing Weight the Right Way

When we look at the world with different cuisines and varying food habits, we can't easily conclude anything as to what is a good diet and what is a good weight-loss plan. There is so much research already done and is being done on many aspects ranging from health to fitness to food to cuisine and the timing of consuming food. We also may fall prey to the business tactics employed by various groups who "sell" their technique as the best. In this post, we do an honest attempt to educate our readers about what we researched on these topics and what we found as something that is practical, easy, and which finally 'works'. There is not a specific diet plan for this. This is very simple. We collected information on intermittent fasting and what times are good for what kind of diets. Then we combined various theories and put them into a single action plan. Let us go into the details. First, on Food: It is said that hard foods like meats take 16 hours to 2-3 days to


We can understand Compassion as an active sympathy or willingness to bear the pain of others. It is not simply a virtue to practice, but a pious attitude that binds all of us to lead a peaceful life in society. It is defined as a feeling of sympathy for others who are afflicted by difficulties, troubles, sorrow and caught in mishaps. Compassion is the humane response i.e., showing kindness, caring and helping in others' difficulties and the activity that relieves suffering.  It is a force that binds us together as humans and is the foundation by which the pillars of human life rest. Compassion gives meaning to living and enhances our well-being. It is an essential component in society and is absolutely necessary for the survival of humans and other living beings. It is a way of life and is something we all need to receive and give. In the  Indian Epic Ramayana, there is a story relating to Compassion, which is briefly narrated below: After Ravana was killed by Lo


Forgiveness is one of the divine qualities of Human beings such as fearlessness, purity of mind, penance, non-violence, truthfulness, compassion, gentleness, patience, devoid of ego, austerity, charity, etc., Sometimes we hurt others and sometimes we are hurt. In both cases, we cannot avoid mental suffering. Usually, it is not always easy to forgive someone especially if great harm or hurt is caused by that person. The ego is the one that hurts and gets hurt. It plays an important role in personal conflicts and in hurting others or becoming hurt by them in the process. Whenever we commit a mistake, we must be humble enough to keep our ego aside and admit it. Knowing when we are wrong and admitting our mistake,  is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Only courageous people can do this by not only admitting their mistakes but also beg forgiveness if they realize that they have done wrong to others and accept open-heartedly whatever the consequences would be to face. Forgiveness is on