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Why Napoleon Hill's 'Think & Grow Rich' is a must read book?

Why we recommend to all our readers some great books from time to time? It is because great books are great friends in our lives. One idea from one book can change your life. Reading a book is discussing with the author of that book. And if the author is someone like Napoleon Hill who had researched the lives of more than 500 successful people, his book can’t be a normal one. It could be like a magnum opus, and in fact it is. THINK & GROW RICH was first published during the great depression of 1930s and since then it never stopped inspiring people.

Many of us have a natural trait of being ‘team people’. It is also illustrated in Stephen Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people’ under Habit-4: ‘Think Win/Win’. That means I will be happy when I win and others win along with me, at least if the things are in my control.

It pains me a lot, to see good people feel unhappy over their lives. Maybe as I understand it well that when we live in negative environment (for whatever reason) since 2008 economic crisis, we often tend to fill our memory with negativity (mental plane) which then attracts all the equivalent negative energy in the real life (physical plane).

This manifestation of our thought-process attracting the equivalent in reality holds good both for ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ thoughts. And I learnt this principle in this book. In fact, some greatest thinkers and philosophers of India had also lived their lives during greatest problems in India during foreign rule (invading Muslims, followed by British colonialism, etc) but have maintained their positive frame of mind and that made them great.

They are more ‘right brain users’ and less ‘left brain users’.

Such wisdom is also associated with pure philosophy from ancient India’s Vedic stand point also. Just to link the clues, meditation, yoga are linked to well being mainly based on ‘mental attitude’ rather than their physical equivalents like ‘proper diet’, ‘physical exercise’, ‘aerobics’, etc.

Here below is the summary of what you can learn in ‘Think & Grow Rich’ philosophy which holds good for material wealth, creative genius and even spirituality whatever be your goal. I’m not an expert but a fellow passenger traveling on the same road or have at least chosen this road.

You will understand better about various traits the successful people have had in their lives as this was properly researched and codified by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think & Grow Rich”.

  1. DESIRE – The Turning Point of All Achievement

  2. FAITH – Visualization of and Belief in Attainment of Desire

  3. AUTO-SUGGESTION – the Medium for Influencing the Subconscious Mind

  4. SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE – Personal Experiences or Observations

  5. IMAGINATION – the Workshop of the Mind

  6. ORGANIZED PLANNING – the Crystallization of Desire into Action

  7. DECISION – the Mastery of Procrastination

  8. PERSISTENCE – the Sustained Effort Necessary to Induce Faith

  9. POWER OF THE MASTER MIND – the Driving Force

  10. THE MYSTERY – of Sex Transmutation

  11. THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – The Connecting Link

  12. THE BRAIN – Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought

  13. THE SIXTH SENSE – The Door to the Temple of Wisdom

  14. GHOSTS OF FEAR – How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

These are just the chapters, if you read more, then you’ll understand that this book is not an imaginary concept, but is full of real life examples of people who achieved fortunes in their lives.

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