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Why managing and organizing Email is an important issue?

Email is an indispensable tool in the modern offices which require their employees to work on computers for many professions.

Email is a word that literally means electronic mail and now email has replaced the traditional letters between various organizations, persons and family members. Business do send important letters related to contracts where signatures are involved, but otherwise the trend these days is to stick with email, opt to receive bills online, for saving time, energy and environment.

In spite of a tremendous raise of IM (instant messaging) apps because of large number of mobile subscribers, email still has its place on the internet space and it may exist till a new agreed method of credible communication would be invented that could replace email.

In the near future it doesn’t seem to be possible.

Let us not forget that until very recently companies like Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, etc built a big gamut of phones particularly with QWERTY keypads for heavy and efficient usage for handling email and texting for IM apps.

Why email management is a serious issue?

It’s because email is so powerful yet effortless as if reaches you in seconds. So business communication as well as personal information sharing is faster than the generations that used tradition paper mail.

So there are too many things for you to prioritize. Not every email sender is efficient in communication skills. One efficient manager may write one properly drafted email with clearly defined objectives while some other may send 100 emails with the same objectives but causing great discomfort to the recipients.

In this series we share with you some great tips based on our professional team’s experience of about 10 years in managing email and working in various large project management teams which use professional email services.

We shall address the basic issues first and would be sharing with you the important technical jargon too in the subsequent articles, mentioned here below: Methods of accessing Email – Web apps, Email clients like Outlook, Windows Live Mail

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