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Who will be happy during Death?

The end of life is death. Spiritualists say that there is life after death. Lord Sri Krishna in his Gita says that the soul still exists even after death and the air, water, even fire cannot destroy the soul. “Soul is the thing, that the weapon can’t destroy, the fire can’t burn, the water can’t wet and the wind can’t blow away.

It exists till it merges with the ultimate at the time of total dissolution. By this it is understood that death is not at all the end. It is just a fall of outermost sheath called Annamayakosa (the body), which is a solid one around the soul. This fall of outer sheath is only due to its wear and tear, or otherwise this can be understood as a pause for rest, brought by Nature. When we subject this body to overwork mentally or physically, we get sleep, which is nothing but a pause that is brought up automatically. Death can also be understood in the same line. After rest one has to wake up and continue the work left out, which is still at his disposal.

So after death i.e., after rest or after changing the outer sheath, one has to undergo the effect of remaining Samskaras which are all of his own, and thereby standing at his lot. If we neglect to undergo the effect of Samskaras before the Mahapralaya (total dissolution), one has to rotate in the cycle of Births and Deaths and on the date of Mahapralaya final death is certain (merge with the  Ultimate) by drowning in water, burning in fire, crushing in earth quakes etc., with great pain and suffering.

 If we are cognizant of this fact then the point of death becomes a very important stage of our life. If somehow one makes the point of death as the end of all Samskaras, both of past and present, one need not come back from eternal peace (rest), because there is no work or duty to do. Therefore, the only remaining thing is to merge with the Ultimate very easily – like butter kept under the Sun rays or a ripened cucumber getting detached from the creeper – at the time of total dissolution and till then the soul rests in eternal peace comfortably. This is what every soul wants and for which so many spiritual practices are prescribed by preachers of various religions. 

Whatever it may be, what we understand is that we have to make this point of death in this life assuming it as the final one, leaving aside for the time being the mergence with the Ultimate. This is the minimum desire one should have as his goal. Otherwise this life goes waste. The other things of life are of only secondary importance, and more over they come and go automatically whether attention is paid or not. However paying attention on worldly things will cause bondages.

At the time of death, one gets a reel of pictures relating to his past happenings at which he has acted rightly or wrongly i.e., with selfish motives or as selfless service, now for which the mind responds. Therefore what we want is we should not be in a condition of repentance for the faults committed during the course of life. However we should meet our end (death) with full satisfaction about our deeds of life. For that, one should make his own preparations well before we reach the point of death.

No sufferings and joys come without reason and cause. So desiring for peaceful death is also of no avail. Instead of desiring for it, one should make his will so strong so that he may face all the effects of Samskaras (past and present) patiently. By this we get rid of all the coverings of the soul and fly out freely making sure that we need not come back (take rebirth) to this material world once again because there is nothing to undergo or to do in this world. Any resistance from our side to this process of undergoing the effects of Samskaras will lead to bondage which drags us to the cycle of births and deaths once again.

So we have to lead a life in life as said by Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj of Shajahanpur by following the ten commandments of Sahajmarg System, to free ourselves from all the bondages within the span of this life itself and fly freely towards the Ultimate, averting the fall permanently. 

For all these benefits Sahajmarg is the best and for more details please refer to the other spiritual articles like Real goal of human life, Escape the punishment on the Earth and also in the Hell by following the Real Spirituality as defined by Sahaj Marg, Cycle of Birth and Deaths etc., labeled as ‘Sahaj Marg’ or ‘Spirituality’.

Courtesy: Sri P. Subbarayudu, Preceptor, and Sri. B.E. Sampath Kumar, Abhyasi of Sri Rama Chandraji Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.

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