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Who is the Supreme God?

Hindus call the Supreme God as “Vishnu” or “Krishna“, the Christians may call the same Supreme God as “The Almighty“, the Jews may call “Jehova” and the Muslims refer to the same supreme God as “Allah” and finally it is the one and only one Supreme God, who is the ultimate.

Can anybody negate this opinion? There is probably no other way left for anyone to negate this opinion, because if they negate this opinion, first of all they are not honest and then there must be different Gods existing, different Earths, and different Universes even!

Before the Jesus Christ, there was no Christianity. But the world existed. Similarly before the birth of Islam, the world existed. And only after Prophet Mohammed, there originated the Islam. However in contrast to these two religions, the Hinduism has no particular date or time that was discovered by the man, to say when it has originated.

A little off the topic, to be more precise, Hinduism is not a religion at all. It is a way of life, one which has been existing in this world since times immemorial. It has survived many foreign invasions, and was subjected to much suppression and yet has survived for thousands of years. Nowadays it is assumed to be a religion out of ignorance and the false impression created by the British and the other Europeans. Hindustan is often mistaken for as the place of Hindus, but India was, and is a place of many religions existing together. Buddhism originated from the Hinduism and was spread by the Indian Emperor Ashoka to the other countries, similarly, the Jainism, the Sikh religion and so on, had their birth in India.

Coming back to the point, what ever may be the religion, the Hindu, the Muslim, the Jewish or the Christianity, everyone says “God is one! He is the Supreme Being. He is the one responsible for this life on this Earth or in this Universe.” “Love is divine. We must treat our fellow humans to be our brothers and sisters. All the living creatures are created by Him and we should love them too”. To hear everything seems to be perfectly alright and the essence of all the religions as regards to their basic principles is the same.

But why people are fighting on this Earth for proving that their religion is the best. How is it possible that there exists more than one Truth for explaining the same thing?

How can the Christians or Jews claim that “Jehova” is the only supreme God and the others are not, with all the above mentioned qualities, when they say ‘He’ is Universal and Everything is created by Him in this Universe?

Similarly How can the Muslims claim that “Allah” is the only supreme God with all the same qualities? And how can Hindus or people from any other religion claim that their God is the only Supreme being? Once we say that there are different Gods who belong to different religions, then how our God is Supreme and unique?

If all of us agree temporarily forgetting all about the religions, that God is One and He is the Supreme Being, how can “Allah” or “Yahova” or “Krishna” be different from one another.Even if we think that, considering only these three names for the moment, Allah, Yahova, Krishna exist, but are different, then how are they Supreme compared to the other. And no where in the history it is recorded that these three existed at the same period. And first of all, if someone has fully known about the God and have fully described him in some books, then God can’t be infinite, as we suppose him to be. He would definitely be finite as he can be described clearly.

If the Supreme God was born on a particular date or in a particular period, then the people to whom he was born would be the supreme beings. Then in that case if the God has to be Supreme, He must not have any particular birthday. And if someone is not born, he can’t die too. And all of us agree to this that Supreme God has no end to his existence. Then for what rubbish, we are all quarrelling about? It is for spreading of our foolishness. To spread our ignorance. To satisfy our ego. And what else?

Is there any difference, if one calls his father as ‘father’ in English, ‘pitha’ in Hindi, ‘pitruhu’ in Sanskrit or with some name in Urdu or in Arabic? Similarly is there any difference, if there is only one supreme God and if one calls him, “Krishna”, the other, “Allah” and another as “Jesus”?

Then why there is a difference in this world, if the same Supreme God is called as “Krishna” or “Vishnu” by the Hindus, “Allah” by the Muslims, and “Yahova” or “Jesus” by the Christians.

If Allah created the whole universe, then he is the one who also has created the Hindus and the Christians or any other people, and is it correct for the so-called ‘Jehadi Muslims’ to hate Hindus and the Christians and to kill them, and the same meaning holds good for the terms, Jesus or Krishna, and for the Christians and Hindus, if they do the same.

Hindus may not know exactly what was really said by the really good people of all the other enduring religions, but as far the minimum knowledge Hindus have about this whole world, they can say that the essence of the religions is same. Again, these days, there are some fundamentalists coming up in Hinduism, trying to do the same violent actions against Muslims and other communities in India.

A real Hindu or a Brahman means one who is in the divine path, who is the Knower of the God, then a Muslim or a Christian can be a Hindu, if they are divine and a Hindu has to be a Muslim, if a real Muslim is one who always thinks and follows the divine path, Both Hindu and Muslim can be Christians too.

Brahman‘ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘A man who stays with Brahma’. Here ‘mann’ represents ‘Mind’ and ‘Brahma‘ represents the Creator.

The wise and ancient Indians said “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, a Sanskrit sentence, which means, “All the World is One Family”, and any good and enduring religion may say this or agree with this point too.

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