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What is the Summary of 'How to Sell Yourself'

The World’s Greatest Salesman Joe Girard has published with Warner Books Inc., (an AOL Time Warner Company) some great books like ‘How to Sell Yourself’, ‘How to Sell Anything to Anybody’, ‘How to close Every Sale’, ‘Mastering your way to the top’.

Out of these for anybody irrespective of their profession or business, the book ‘How to Sell Yourself’ seems to be the basic and more appropriate for the beginners, as it emphasizes more on personal development through the mastery of new skills.

We may wonder what is so special about this book. But once you go through the contents of this book alone, you will not resist yourself from buying this book.

So why delay? Let us go through this quick index and then go to the nearby book shop or browse the web to have this book in our hands.

Joe Girard in his book, ‘How to Sell Yourself’ tell us the following:

  1. Selling Yourself on You

  2. Selling Yourself to Others

  3. Building Self-Confidence and Courage

  4. Developing Positive Attitudes

  5. Exercising Enthusiasm

  6. Learning to Listen

  7. Speaking Another Language

  8. Managing your Memory

  9. Telling the Truth

  10. The Power or a Promise

  11. The Sensation of a Smile

  12. Being a Second-Miler

  13. Selling Yourself as a Young Person

  14. Selling Yourself in Maturity

  15. Selling Yourself and Your Product

  16. Selling Yourself and Your Service

  17. Selling Yourself Without Selling Out.

  18. Girard’s Chain Miracle and

  19. The Payoff of Persistence.

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