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True Love

Love is expressed as an action and experienced as a feeling. It is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions. Love can make you do anything and sacrifice for what will be better in the end. 

Lust is the desire for the body and love is the desire for the soul. It is never boastful, never selfish, and not quick to take offence.

We human beings define love in different ways. But truly speaking love is an inborn quality that needs no explanation. Take for example a cow (animal), it loves its newborn calf so much. It dries the calf’s body with its tongue and gives milk at the earliest possible. That is the love developed automatically without any specific education.

People generally mistake love as the attraction between a male and a female. This is only lust and nothing else. It is only for a temporary period. True love once established will never end. We can call it a divine quality. We should have no answer when asked what for we are loving? Loving a person expecting something is not at all love. 

The love between Master and a disciple should be in such a manner. Then only the divine current (transmission) flows from Master to disciple. This divine transmission brings transformation in the person who receives it. As said by sages this so-called love is introduced in the field of spirituality from the times of Lord Krishna. Before that, the people used to go to the forests for penance and with their great obstinacy invited bodily pains, such as sitting in between fire, or in cool snow ponds, or standing in blazing sunshine on one foot and even injure themselves to please their God and to get boons of their liking.

In some parts of India, there was a custom called ‘Sati’. In those days if a person dies, his wife was also burnt along with the dead body. That means forcefully or willingly allowing a person to burnt alive along with the dead body of her husband.

For this  people say that,  that lady has got true love on her husband and she too died to go to heaven along with her husband. But on enquiry, the facts are found different. In so many cases their relatives kill the woman in the name of a custom called SATHI. Even if she willingly wants to burn herself with her husband it is not correct, because she can love her husband and fulfil his leftover duties without losing her life. She can lead a pious meaningful life individually. Death is not a solution to any problem.

But love towards Lord Krishna is for love sake only. Even the cowherd boys and girls loved him for nothing. They loved him so much without any expectation and reason and got liberated. His friend Kuchela approached Him with extreme love and affection and forgotten to ask for some financial help. But Lord has not forgotten to give him a treasure. Love is even a promoter of health. Hatred causes diseases. These are the words of eminent doctors. They say that unwanted acids will be released in the body by developing hatred and become a cause for deadly diseases whereas love prolongs our life span.

Speaking spiritually it is better to love a great person (GURU) who loves all. From such a person divinity flows into the lover and it leads to liberty. This is the shortest way to all other ways of liberation. This is a simple and strain free spiritual method. To know who is one of the great persons (Guru), read spiritual articles posted on this website.

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