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The Real Goal of Human Life is achieved by following Sahaj Marg

What is the ‘Real goal of human life’?

Our birth of human life is not accidental, causeless and meaningless. It is according to cause and effect theory. There is a purpose for birth and living. Hinduism believes in Births and Re-births. The cause for our birth is our past impressions (Sanskaras). These impressions will be wiped off only by undergoing them. There is no other go than this. In this way we have to remove the coverings surrounded by our soul and we have to become free.

For this purpose only God has given us this good opportunity i.e. birth. So the real goal of human life is to utilize this God given opportunity. Our ancient sages have named it as “Kaivalyam” (Union with God) the final most goal.  As preached by them we should not rest until our goal of life is achieved. For that they invited afflictions and sorrows for their lot and they prayed for them too, because the disease of Birth[Bavaroga] is cured only by taking these bitter pills viz. the troubles and sorrows. However one has to take up the above method for success, there is no other go except this.

But the things going on in our day to day life are in opposite direction. Generally we think that possessing highest educational qualifications and thereby acquiring powerful / high income earning jobs, entering into Politics for fame, wealth, etc. are the goals of life. For that most of us fall under the influence of six vices viz., Kama (Desires/Passions), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed), Moha (Bondage), Mada (Ego) and Matsarya (Jealousy) and thereby caught in the cycle of births and deaths. Instead of getting free from bondages, we are involving in more and more bondages and thereby wasting our God given precious life. This world is like a pond, in which there is mud at the bottom. Inspite of mud at the bottom it is a pure water pond in which we have to take bath and make ourselves clean. Instead of doing so, we collect the mud at the bottom and rub it on our heads. This is  mere foolishness. There are some others who take bath and clean themselves in the pond, but coming out of it they sprinkle dust on them like elephants. That means they choose the  right way but they do not like to continue on that path and they drop themselves from the way and go astray.

For example usually people read the Epics (Puranas), reading mythological stories, repeating verses, hymns, singing devotional songs and doing bhajans, etc., They worship the great personalities related to the said epics, offer ‘Naivedhyam’ (Oblations) and distribute it as ‘Prasadam’ (Sacred food) to their fellow beings. Some people take ‘Deeksha’ (Monastic vows) and complete the prescribed period with strict rules and regulations. Afterwards the same people leave the said rules and regulations there itself. Most of them praise the ideals, love, devotion, sacrifice, moral etc., which the great personalities have taught and adopted in their lives. But they won’t follow them in their real life thinking that they are very difficult and possible only to the said great personalities. They won’t realise or correct their mistakes like misuse of official powers, being partial to their near and dear, dishonest earning, grabbing others wealth, committing fraud, etc. Instead they justify their mistakes. For all this, how do they expect God’s Grace? The result is nominal. This way they are wasting the opportunity of rightfully utilizing the human life. The reason for this is that they have no target or goal fixed in their life. As they have  of no idea on their goal of life, they add more and more impressions in the shape of coverings to their soul resulting in  more and more births and rebirths. This way they fall in the whirlpool of Births and Deaths cycle, and become helpless in coming out of it. This is no doubt a self-created trouble.

Now the time has ripened to come out of this troublesome situation. We have travelled a long distance away from the Reality. Let us stop at least now to turn back and take our return journey. For that we have to make ourselves fit to face the task. This great task can be tackled in two ways. No.1 is we must willingly accept the effects of impressions and undergo them calmly. These impressions may be in the shape of afflictions, difficulties, diseases and sorrows or otherwise they may be in the shape of pleasures. One has to bear all these things with the thought that I am becoming pure by undergoing them patiently. Pleasures are also the results of past impressions. So one has to undergo them also with gratitude having no pride in the mind. They should be taken as the boons from the Lord and enjoy them with due regard to humanity and humility. In this way they are also to be wiped off. Irrespective of good and bad, likes and dislikes all impressions have to be wiped off. The second one is not to allow further formation of impressions, that means old ones have to go and new ones should not be added. For this the easy and simple way shown by our elders is to live with the idea of surrender to the Highest. For this one has to leave his “ I ness” treating the incomes as boon from  God and givings as offerings to God and doing everything as duty for the sake of God. By proceeding on these lines thinking his involvements as nominal one has to lead his simple life. In this way only we can escape from the formation of new impressions[Sanskaras] and thereby we achieve union with God i.e., the real goal of life-KAIVALYAM.  In this regard Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj has shown the following examples: While doing a thing, think that you are not doing it for yourself, but for your Master, or rather think that your Master Himself is doing it for Himself. While at the breakfast table you must think that your Master is breaking His fast. When you go to the office, think that your Master is doing all the work. While returning from the office, suppose you see an attractive dance on the way, your eyes are caught by the charming appearance of the dancer. Your thoughts seem to be diverted for a while. Then also think that your Master and not you, is seeing the dance. You will at once lose curiosity for it, because your Master’s power will begin to flow in to relieve you of the temptation. When you comeback from the office your children rejoice to see you after so many hours. You  enjoy their merriments  too and it is but natural. Your attention is, for a while, diverted towards them and you feel a bit away from the sacred thought. What you are to do then is to think that the Master in you is Himself enjoying and they are the children of God, who are entrusted to your care and whom we have to provide for and look after as if duty bound, we are then serving His children and thereby God Himself. We shall thereby get rid of undue attachment too and shall thus remove one of the greatest obstacles from our path. If you are chatting with your friend, think that your Master, not you, is talking to him. While walking think that your Master himself is walking. During meditation, if you entertain the idea that not you but your Master Himself is meditating on His own form, it shall bring about excellent results. Similarly you can adjust yourself in  your  daily routine  work. If you cultivate this feeling and maintain the outlook that your Master is doing everything in your place, you shall not only be in constant remembrance all the while, but your action will cause no impression whatsoever and very soon you will cease making further Sanskaras. A man leading this kind of life  in no way become an obstacle to others in this world. The life of such person is beneficial to both himself and the world.

A Question will arise whether it is possible to live on these lines? We may think it impossible to live like this without being attracted by the worldly things, positions of vanity, awards and rewards  and praises. We also feel it as difficult to withdraw ourselves from the money making run and severe tug of war. Yes it is agreed, but one will tend to change his way on understanding the target of real life. Such one will really come forward to face the task. One with real strong will never fail. Here at this stage the help of “Master[guru] is needed. Master’s help is otherwise known as God’s help. Master is God Himself came in the human form to help us in this task. By following his guidance and moving with Him on His paved path, the real task of our journey will become smooth. This is a remodeled and reformed system suited to the present days.

God is simple and to attain that God we have to choose and follow a way which is equally simple and subtle. So Sri Ramachandraji learnt such a simple and subtle method from his Master ‘Lalaji’ and spread it for the benefit of the Universe. Though he too took the method of Pathanjali Yogic science basically, he modified the method according to the changed circumstances in the world. Thereby it is made easy and named it as Sahajmarg which means Natural Path. The first six steps of Pathanjali Yoga viz., Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Prathyahara and Dharana have been left and he took up with the 7th step Dhyana and proceeded to Samadhi. This Sahajmarg System has got its uniqueness. In this system divine energy is drawn from the source and is introduced into the heart of the aspirant. Sri Ramachandraji has called it  ‘Pranahuthi’. By this Pranahuthi transmission we will get automatically the benefit of left over six steps of yoga and it  enables the aspirant to enter into the 7th step ‘Dhyana’. The benefit of Pranahuthi transmission is not only this, but it also helps the aspirant from the beginning i.e., from our start of return journey and it also enables the aspirant to cross the difficult stages of spirituality, which he cannot overcome by his own effort. It brings the divine experiences on the way to realisation and at last it takes the aspirant to his goal. The peace, tranquility and the capacity to undergo impressions will also develop in the aspirant without praying for them separately. They develop as by-products while he is on his way to realisation. The progress of an aspirant will mainly depend upon his faith, devotion and love towards his Master. His progress will be directly proportional to the dependency on his Master which is otherwise called ‘Saranagathi’. By this complete dependence upon the Master will loosen the bondages of the world. The bondages will be more loosened as he attaches himself more to his Master.

Sahajmarg Sadhana is prescribed in three ways:

The first, is Dhyana (the meditation). One has to propose the all pervading God exists in the heart at beating point in the shape of Divine Light. By observing that one has to meditate internally for an hour in the morning. By meditating on the heart proposing Divine Light existing in it, the blood circulating from heart is purified with this divine thought and the same Divinity is supplied to each and every atom of the body and thereby the animal qualities in man are diminished and the humanly and divine qualities will awake. This way the awareness towards the highest is developed. In this method we propose the Divine Light as a suggestion only. We should not give any shape to that Divine Light. We should take as it is. We should meditate quite naturally without bringing any stress and strain on the heart. We should sit in a calm and easy posture while meditating. Further we should not be worried even if the Light is not found. Simply a faith that the Light exists in the heart is enough.

The Second is Nithya Smarana (the Constant Remembrance). Whatever the experience or the feeling felt at the time of meditation is to be prolonged after the meditation too in the day to the extent possible. This we can entertain while we are engaged in day to day dealings. By this constant remembrance we connect ourselves with the Highest and maintain the grip over Divinity altogether. One who is in this state cannot commit any mistakes and thereby the forming of impressions[sanskaras] will be stopped.

The third is Purification (the Cleaning Process). In the evening one has to sit as in meditation and he has to think that dirt, solidity and darkness are going in the shape of vapour from his back side leaving him in a clean state. This one has to do with physical strength and throw out the dirt forcefully. This method though looks a bit difficult in initial stages, it becomes natural and habitual gradually. By this all the intricacies in our physical body will be evaporated and the spiritual journey will become smooth and fast.

In addition to this process, one has to do a prayer as if he is before  God at the bed time. This prayer is simple and placing our real status before the Highest asking for nothing. The prayer is like this:

        “O Master! You are the real goal of human life.

          We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement.

          You are the only God and Power,to bring me up to that state. “

The prayer offered with extreme meekness placing our inabilities before the Master never goes unheard. In this prayer we are not praying for anything. We are of the conclusion that the will of God will happen and we accept it with full satisfaction, without any negative thought. There is no other prayer comparative to this.

For the followers of this system, Sri Ramachandraji has prescribed 10 Maxims. We must follow these maxims on our way of life. Our progress will be in proportion to these l0 maxims developed in us. So this will serve as a checklist for us.

The 10 maxims are as follows:

  1. Rise before dawn. Offer your prayer and puja(worship) at the fixed hours, preferably before sunrise, sitting in one and the same pose. Have a separate place and ‘asan’[seat] for worship.  Purity of mind and body be specially adhered to.

Begin your puja with a prayer for spiritual elevation with a heart full of love and devotion.

Fix up your goal which should be complete oneness with God. Rest not till the idea is achieved.

Be plain and simple, to be identical with Nature.

Be truthful. Take miseries as divine blessing for your own good and be thankful.

Know all people as brethren and treat them as such.

Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others. Take them with gratitude as heavenly gifts.

Be happy to be in constant divine thoughts whatever you get, with due regard to honest and pious earnings.

Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others.

At bed time, feeling the presence of God repent for the wrongs committed by you. Beg forgiveness in a supplicant mood, resolving not to allow repetition of the same.

Qualifications required to join Sahaj Marg:

While concluding let us discuss the qualifications for joining this system of SAHAJMARG. As said by Sri Ramachandraji there are no prescribed qualifications whatsoever. Religion, sex, nationality is not a bar to this System. No educational qualification is also prescribed. The only qualification is acceptance of this System. Those who want to realise God are eligible. If we continue in this System, the qualifications necessary for us in spiritual life will be developed automatically and the beastly traits will be eliminated and the qualities of humanity and divinity will be developed naturally. But those who want to take up this System along with other systems are not allowed. Because taking up so many methods at a time will lead to failure. This is said because of this reason. There is no downlooking on any other System. Cent percent belief in this System is the only required qualification. Please think over it.


Sri. P. Subbarayudu, Preceptor and Sri. B.E. Sampath Kumar, Abhyasi, both from Sri Ramachandraji Seva Trust, Kadapa.

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