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Role of Widgets in Online Marketing

Today Online web-marketing takes a prominent role in many advertising campaigns over the internet. Each advertiser chooses different media in representing their products or links to the users over the internet. The advertisers can show their ads as text-links over the internet through URLs pointing back to their sites, or they can swtich to scrolling ads as they can sometimes find really better results with them. In case of text based ads using URLs, for any modifications in their ads they have to update the relevant links which take considerable time. There are too many links already available for a number of websites which makes it difficult in getting good response from the customers because a particular link will be one among the hundreds of others links. So by using HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script etc, advertisers have been developing and publishing their ads with the help of ad-banners where they were using hyperlinks to their websites. Generally our eye is attracted to the moving objects or colorful objects first because of the colors and animation compared to the static objects. Now a new form of advertisement is done by using Widgets where there is possibility of making our own customized widgets over the internet.

Today the Widget based ads are becoming most popular for their dynamic view and the space it occupies due to their possible flexible design. Though there may be a number of forms of widgets which can be placed in all corners of the web pages, generally these widgets are placed either at the right or at the left sides in the web pages as they look better in terms of readability.

The advertisers can edit some code on their own websites or on those websites which host their widgets. Once the advertisers update their widget containing their ads placed on different websites, the widget will show all the updates instantly as the source code is only changed and nothing needs to be changed on each website where the widget ad is placed. The readers of the websites who see the advertisers widget will directly see all the updates which can help the advertiser get the attention of the readers by their sleekly widgets.

Technical aspects of a Widget

Generally the “Widget” is a visual component on a website with some graphical user interface (GUI) which is designed for the end users to manipulate or access the content from the original website publishers. The widget may look like a small window component or an icon with some graphics to attract the user partly with its GUI effect and partly with the relevant content in it.

There are some websites which provide tools to the users to develop their own widgets and to place them over the internet. The widget acts like a small specialized GUI application that provides some visual information like Permanent links and/or easy access to frequently used functions directly without even going to a particular website. This saves some time for the visitor as it avoids scanning all the website for the desired links and content.

Examples of application based widgets include calculators, calendars and desktop notes and is a combination of some content with some limited number of words, the graphical windows which can be resized or customized accordingly, along with some options for the end users to customize some settings.

The websites like Google not only present a wide variety of widgets for the users all over the world in different languages, but also provide an opportunity to the programmers to generate new widgets and share them, the advantage being the easy availability of such widgets when a person uses some search engine like Google or Yahoo or Live Search.

For some of the widgets the users can create by themselves there are also options to monetize these widgets based on the number of page impressions or clicks they receive from the internet users.

These widgets consists of some HTML code or the other which makes it suitable to place them on any website or blog. So they provide flexibility to the user who likes to generate widgets to place them easily on any site because the widgets with their windows style of resizing and moving can be very convenient to fit them in any part of the website unlike a raw HTML code which needs some deep understanding of the web page editing.

For the newbies the creation of widget is very easy as the sites like widgetbox etc will provide the developing tools for creating our own widget with step by step instructions. Once you finish the widget design it is already suitable enough to transfer over the internet, by placing it on your site for advertisement so that when an internet user visits your site and wants to have your site feeds regularly they get the code of your widget and get placed it on their site with a simple mouse click in most cases.

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