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Religion is for the Soul and not for the Society

Religion is not a part time job or an activity that can be scheduled. Religion should be our moral or character building asset and must be our way of life, otherwise if we simply put a special time for praying and do the rubbish the remaining time, it is not a religion. It will be a drama which is only colorful for the time it is played. And if we go to our extreme limits like forceful conversions of other people, or extremism, then religion becomes political.

Religion must only be spiritual. Spiritual refers to something which exists with our spirit i.e., with our soul. So any person from an enduring religion who tries to understand his own religion in the best way will know about his soul and later there is no need for him to spread his religion through any external activities involving Conversions – by – force or Conversions – by – Money etc. His presence itself makes others understand how great such a person is.

And whatever such kind of a person speaks or preaches will be perfect and the listeners will follow the same without any doubt.

In the same way did Lord Jesus and his followers were not forced by him to follow his concepts. They have liked his good deeds and due to his divinity they became his followers.

There are similar and quite a good number of examples also with Hinduism which actually is not a religion formed after one personality. It is a culture which evolved at the Vedic times and is still an enduring culture.

And the divine personalities who were born in this world and who will be born in future when the need arises are all like Gurus to the mankind. ‘Guru’ in Sanskrit means the person who ends the ‘Ignorance of Darkness’ from the minds of his followers or disciples. So in Hinduism there is a verse explaining the importance of the real Guru as

“Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu Guru Devo Maheswarah, Guru Sakshaath Parabrahma Tasmai sri Guravenamah” which means “Guru is like the Creator of this Universe, the Ruler of this Universe, and the Destroyer of this Universe and he is the Supreme God himself. So I bow to my Guru”.

So all the Gurus after whom the religions have formed are all those great people who are the examples of the Supreme God coming on to this earth in the human form. So we all must try to understand what they have taught us and how they lived with simplicity and with divinity.

Today if we forget all this and fight for religion or quarrel about which religion is the greatest of all, we are insulting our Gurus (if our religion has a Guru). So we must follow religion thinking that Religion is mainly for the Soul and not for the Society. Then there will be Peace and Love all over the world along with the Religious tolerance.

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