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Plan and Analyze your Yearly (Annual) Expenditure with ViprasCraft's "Expenditure Organize

ViprasCraft’s “Expenditure Organizer for the Year” is an excel utility file which is mainly intended to let you keep track of your daily seemingly insignificant but real expenses which often go unnoticed. While people should not stop spending, it is worth knowing where we are spending and how best we can consciously plan our expenditure.

For example, let us say, we spent mostly on ‘Parties/Eating Out’ and less on ‘Vegetables/Fruits’ in a year, it will ring an alarm in our mind about our stressed and flamboyant lifestyle and reduced personal healthcare.

In ‘Jan’ month sheet, many of the descriptions in ‘Sources of Income’, ‘Daily Expenses’, ‘One-Time Expenses’ can be customized by you that would remain the same for all the other months throughout the year. The emphasis was mainly to contain all the data to be printed for an A4 paper and to generalize the categories of expenses to keep it simple.

The Summary page will show the expenditure distribution and highs and lows of those expenses.

This file has been prepared over months of personal experience and receiving feedback from various wellwishers and friends for continuous improvement that today we have put it for informing our readers to know their opinion and interest for this file which will be sold at a very minimum price of equal or less than $5.

You can download this file very soon from this post (please bookmark here if you are interested!), for the moment, we provide you the access to the PDF version of the same file to let you know how it looks like.

ViprasCraft Expenditure Organizer of the year – PDF sample format

So no hidden conditions and no gimmicks! You get what you see, if you are willing to buy.

The file will be locked (to preserve our intellectual property) for editing except that you will have the full flexibility to change descriptions for many ‘One Time Expenses’, ‘Daily Expenses’, ‘Your Name’, ‘Your profession’, currency to be used, etc.

We are eager to receive our readers comments and suggestions on this so that we would try to develop further versions of this utility in future.

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Disclaimer: ViprasCraft doesn’t accept any responsibility whatsoever if the contents of the same are coinciding with any of the utility programs developed elsewhere by someone else, and we declare that it could be a case of sheer resemblance and coincidence. No claims whatsoever will be entertained in this regard.

Our file is developed based on our knowledge of Microsoft Excel using the Microsoft Office version 2007 and is totally indigeneous property of

Copyright &copy 2010-2020 ViprasCraft. All rights reserved.

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