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Personal Magnetism

Very strange to look at or hear to this term ‘Personal Magnetism’! Right?

You may ask me whether this exists in science. If you ask me to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, I would say ‘no’ for existence in science but ‘yes’ for existence in this world, without any hesitation. It is not something like the magnetism shown in Z-talc some years ago with a tagline, “Magnetism for Men”.

This term ‘Personal Magnetism’ can be found in the books of Swami Vivekananda, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of India. Then what is meant by personal magnetism? This is also not the magnetism which is personal, because magnetism is the law of the nature and it can’t be personal. It is for all and is Universal.

The term ‘Personal Magnetism’ means the magnetism due to the presence of a living person. This can be felt by the other people only when there is that particular person living among them. Every one of us will be exhibiting some personal magnetism about which even we don’t know. Like the magnetism according to Physics influences the ferrous materials to get magnetized, this personal magnetism too influences, very easily and effectively, the good humans. And in the same way as magnet can’t magnetize the non-ferrous materials, the personal magnetism can’t be experienced by the humans who are not in a good receptive mood even though they stay and come across the great people during their life.

There are many examples of Gods or Divine beings who had the people influenced with their personal magnetism. To begin with, Lord Sri Rama, Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahaveer, His Holiness Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Nityananda Prabhu, Lord Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, and many other Gods known to Hindus had their personal magnetism during their times. Likewise the son of the God, Jesus Christ, as considered by the Christian community, also had his personal magnetism and many people got influenced by him and eventually became his followers and then we know how Christianity has spread all over the world. Similar is the case with Prophet Mohammed and Islam came into existence after he had exhibited his personal magnetism. Especially in India, the land of many Gods and many religions so many divine beings and noble men had influenced their followers with their personal magnetism.

Anyone can question that is it necessary that they always exist in this world when there are the holy books, scriptures or epics written about them which contain every thing about their lives, and are not these enough for the mankind to lead a noble and disciplined life?

The answer for this question is very simple. Even though these divine beings had influenced this world with their personal magnetism and had established some ideals or principles of life, as they are not present in this world right now, there will certainly be some difference.

To be explained in detail let us consider the example of the life of Jesus Christ. Through out his life, he preached to love your fellow beings till his death. He never forced anyone to follow him. Because of his personal magnetism, people were attracted towards him and had become his followers. But why did some of the Christian missionaries spread the religion Christianity in this world, especially during the colonial rule of British? I am mentioning the process of religious conversions that took place in India of course! If Jesus could do it without even asking anyone to follow him, why cant the others do the same. Because Jesus doesn’t exist now and so his personal magnetism. All the Christians are not Jesus Christs. “If every Christian acted like Jesus Christ, the whole world would be christian”. This was a remark of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation India.

Similarly if it was written in the principles of Islam, that every muslim should treat his fellow beings as his brothers and sisters, how many Muslims of today are following that principle. If the prophet Mohammed could influence the people around him with his personal magnetism and spread his principles in a peaceful way, why some Muslims are assuming themselves and giving wrong message to the public, that jehadism is divine and forcing the people, killing the innocent people is termed ‘jehadism’? this is even a bad image for many noble men of Islam? There were some noble personalities in India who are still liked by every citizen of India. But why cant all the Muslims of this world behave in the same way? Because there is no prophet Mohammed in this world today and so his personal magnetism. Even we can say, “If every muslim acted like prophet Mohammed, the whole world would be muslim”.

In the same way, Lord Sri Rama’s life is considered to be the ideal for any Indian and also for any citizen in this world. Through out his life, he stuck to three principles. “One Word, One Wife and One Arrow”. He always followed the truth. He always kept his word, if he promised someone. He was a good ruler of Ayodhya. He had setup an ideal for all the men to have only one wife through out the life. He was such a great warrior, that there is no competition for his arrow called ‘Rama Banam’. But nowadays we can find some men in India, who harass their wives or even kill them for dowry or for gifts and other things, also some other people who maintain extramarital relationships, which are against to the principles as laid by Lord Sri Rama. But why should all these happen today when we have an epic written called ‘Ramayana’? This is because Rama himself doesn’t exist in this world today.

Similarly Sri Krishna laid down some principles for every Indian and of course for every citizen in this world. He said the best thing that one can be followed can be the ‘Karma Yoga’, according to which a human has to perform his duties and responsibilities without thinking about the outcomes and to be rightful in his deeds, he has to offer everything to the one and only one Supreme God. But in India and of course in the world, why there is the corruption? People in many organizations and government services ask for bribe for getting the things done, though it is their duty to work for some other people. Why should this happen? This is also because Lord Sri Krishna doesn’t exist physically in this world and in turn his personal magnetism, even though there is ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ available today for the human race in almost all the languages. When his brother-in-law and the warrior Arjuna could understand the essence of life through Bhagavad-Gita, why can’t all the Indians and any human do the same by understanding the same?

Now we can say, “If all the Hindus acted like Sri Rama or Sri Krishna, the whole world would be Hindu”.

Not only the divine beings are the supreme personalities, as discussed above, but also many humans in India are great personalities. The personalities like Swamy Vivekananda, Ramakrishna paramahamsa, Mahatma Gandhi mesmerized the people surrounding them with their personal magnetism. Their biographies are available today in whatever language we prefer, but people are unable to follow the principles they preached during their times, because they physically don’t exist in this world today and so their personal magnetism.

I hope that after reading the above text, you will agree that we can attribute this term ‘personal magnetism’ to the great personalities. We can even dream of emerging into great personalities in our life, we can exhibit our personal magnetism too!

Your comments and compliments are welcome on this topic.

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