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Nokia E72 – User review and basic comparison with other Smart phones

Nokia E72 is one of the best Smartphones available in the market today competing with the likes of Blackberry Curve, Bold models, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Sony Ericsson Xperia, HTC Desire Z, Motorola Defy, etc.

Keeping aside the brand values or the trends or the looks or the too minute technical differences, from the practical usage point of view, infact choosing Nokia E72 over others is neither a compromise on features nor a strange decision taken. At the same time Nokia E72 gives the other phones a run for their money.

By surfing the internet, you can compare the operating systems Symbian OS, Blackberry OS, Mac OS, Android, Bada, etc., and can read 1000s of comments about the pros and cons of all the models of the phones from Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, etc.

But finally to choose a phone, you need to understand few points that suit your requirement and a phone that has those features.

Again, you have 1000s of websites providing reviews of mobile phones as their business, so we don’t intend to match our review with theirs in this post.We write this review keeping an average non-techie person in mind.

Nokia E72 is an excellent business phone with lots of features for business use as well as for entertainment. It has QWERTY keypad which is one of the very best in its class which is even compared and is said to be at par with that of Blackberry Bold 9700 which is a phone priced higher than Nokia’s E72 for more or less the same set of features.

It is not surprising hence to mention at this moment that this blog post is entirely typed on Nokia’s E72 using its beautiful and comfortable QWERTY keypad. However you are wise enough to agree that no phone’s QWERTY keypad can beat a computer’s standard keyboard in terms of comfort and speed of typing.

If you need a lot of typing on your phone especially for a large number of emails or for social networking like using Facebook, Twitter, etc or for Blogging and all these at a mean budget, probably you won’t find a better phone than Nokia’s E72 at its price range (at the time of writing this post).

But if you are not into so much of typing on your phone probably you may go for touch type phones like Nokia N8 or Nokia E7 which have both touch on the main screen and the type on the slidable QWERTY keypad.

Or if you are not a Nokia fan, you would go for an iPhone or Android phones which are known for their touch screens and fun features.

The GPS (Global Positioning System) in Nokia E72 is with Nokia maps preloaded (you can also update over time by downloading them). It has all the national and state highways loaded into this memory depending on the country’s map you

got preloaded into it.

It is great to find the navigation even for a few Indian villages too using Nokia maps. Though we have tried the GPS with a 2G Airtel connection, the positioning and accuracy was perfect. The Nokia maps uses the Auto Zoom feature, which we think works on the speed of the automobile, with which you are properly shown the right directions.

However in rural India we found a few roads not being updated on Nokia maps. So for the areas which are far away from the State or National highways, Nokia maps is not accurate. However you can always zoom in and zoom out to verify in which direction you are heading on to reach a national highway.

However if you are a Google maps lover, don’t worry, you can also work with that using the GPS hardware on this phone without any extra effort as Google too is intelligent to make their software compatible for many Nokia phones like E72 including old models like Nokia N73.

The total memory for Nokia E72 can be up to a maximum of 16 GB while the phone comes shipped with 4 GB or 8 GB, depending on the place you buy the phone from. With our experience we can say that for the next five years or so, as a business person you don’t need anything higher than this 16 GB, unless you are thinking to treat your mobile as your TV. We don’t think you should have come to read this review keeping a

QWERTY phone in mind to use it for watching full length movies instead of a few video clips from your mobile’s memory or on video sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Google videos, etc.

If you don’t believe us please compare the memory of Blackberry phones with that of Nokia E72 and you will find the answers on your own.

Nokia E72 has an excellent 5.0 megapixel camera with a good flash. The photos generated are of print quality. However you are not going to think about printing the photos of a size of an advertisement hoarding with 5 MP from any camera on earth today.

Having said this, we confirm that the photo quality is excellent for business presentations, as well as for personal albums. We can say it safely that you don’t need a digital camera if you have a Nokia E72 phone.

For high speed internet, the phone works like a modem as by functionality it supports 3G with a front camera for video calls, besides contains 256 MB of RAM. We have the experience of how fast the internet was on Nokia N73 with a 3G connection and so this phone will not disappoint and will exceed your expectations.

The Music player in Nokia E72 is with various preset equalizers including the option to create your cutomised ones. Though you have Nokia softwares to use for the music, you can simply use this phone as a mass memory storage unit while connected to computer and you can dump all the music you need. Later the music player can refresh the library, if you ask it to do, to find all the music loaded into your phone. Of course, this is a great feature in many Nokia phones. I was using this feature in my Nokia N73 too.

Coming to the physical aspects of the phone, it is very slim and sexy in size, measuring only 10 mm in its thickness and the form factor similar to Nokia’s E71. It gives a strong and rigid feel when you operate the phone which is a great thing. Nokia claims this phone to be in all steel construction and it appears true except at those parts where steel can’t be used.

Few other websites have commented on the optical navi pad not so useful, but you are not talking about a 21″ screen here, how many thumb moves you need to do in reality to move the cursor across your Nokia E72 screen?

And there is so much to learn about Smart phones and you have many websites which explain about each technical term in great detail and we leave this part to you to explore, for your exploration makes you think better, check better and finally to choose better.

Finally the bottomline is “Nokia E72 is an excellent business phone for a lower to medium price range for a business person while its features match the best of the industry in its range. Nokia E72 has to be more reliable like anyother Nokia phone. In its price range, it is probably the best smart phone available”.

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