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Moderation of the senses and balance in Life.

Updated: Feb 19

By Sri B.E.Sampath Kumar, Sri Ramchandraji Seva Trust, Kadapa.

Moderation means the quality of doing something within reasonable limits and not being extreme. It further means balance in all senses and faculties, nothing more or less than what is naturally required for any specific purpose. 

Generally, we find today moderation disturbed in all most all cases. The result that follows is nothing but disturbance and mental conflict and it is the root cause of all the troubles and miseries we are now facing. 

There is a  saying. “Ati sarvatra varjayet“,  means excessive indulgence in anything that should be given up.  Nowadays, there is a foolish and painful drive to cross the limits of moderation. The irony is despite knowing this many of us to attach undue importance to whatever thing comes to our view and we strengthen it by the force of our thought with the result that it grows stronger over all others. The result is nothing but disturbance and mental conflict and it is the root cause of all our troubles and miseries.

Anything in excess is bad. We must eat for a living but not for living to eat.  If we  eat too much, we get stomach ache and digestive problems. Too much sleep makes us lazy and too much money pilfer our peace.  Excessive speed results in an accident, but many  prefer speed as it thrills  despite knowing that it also kills. 

Generally, parents love their children very much.  But if that love exceeds its limits, the children will be spoiled. We know the instance of Kaurava King Dhrithirashtra’s blind love for his children and his support for their evil acts, which resulted in the death of all his sons in the war. 

Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, had exceeded his desire and daringness. That resulted in the downfall of the golden kingdom of Lanka. In Mahabharata, Kauravas exceeded in their sense of superiority or ego that resulted in the elimination of the Kauravas race. 

Lord  Krishna in Bhagavath Githa Chapter-6 verse-17 explained what moderation is and how we can easily achieve it and make balance in senses and faculties by practicing Yoga. 

“Yuktaaharavihaarasya  yuktacheshtasya karmasu 

Yuktasvapnaavabodhasya yogo bhavati duhkhahaa”

Yoga destroys the misery of one balanced in eating and leisure, moderate in work, temperate in sleep and wakefulness. 

In this sloka, Lord Krishna directs us to lead a well-balanced and regulated life so that our bodies can support our spiritual aspirations. It means one who has a well-regulated  sattvik  diet,  proper exercise,  virtuous conduct and sufficient sleep is fit to practice Yoga.

Virtuous conduct is the soul of yoga. We should be inclined to achieve balance in life.  Yoga practice will make us more aware and get us out of ignorance so that we do not waste time and energy in enjoying the pleasures of the senses. Yoga teaches moderation in all things and paves a way to peace and happiness.

To achieve this, our next lookout must be to find out a capable person as our guide, who attained perfection or complete negation of self.  When we surrender to such a person as our guide(Master ) to reach our aim or goal, the spiritual life is awakened and the higher powers of the soul are roused to help our growth. 

A capable Guru only can do this by his own effort exercising the power of transmission to create a permanent and deep-rooted effect. Under the guidance of such a great Master,  Meditational practices and constant remembrance of God make our mind disciplined and regulated, restores moderation in senses and faculties and creates a lightness of spirit. 

A moderate, well-regulated life is conducive to meditation. The benefits we get from Meditation are: we become more creative, more balanced, and definitely lead a  better life. Also besides, it can help us to remain in positive thoughts, reform our emotions, and keep oneness with all beings. It also creates a balance of the Senses in our life towards the spiritual journey.

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