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Leadership overpowers the Management, hence motto for future leaders is "Leadership First, Mana

Nowadays, all the world’s professionals think too much about the ‘Management’ and ‘Efficiency‘ and the age-old genuine principle centeredness has lost its ground already as most people today think that it is useless or at least non-profitable to think about Honesty, Authenticity, etc.

People have forgotten to think much about their character and they are more interested in learning techniques and strategies to keep the things moving. They work very hard to improve productivity by forgetting the human factor and only run after profits either by using some advanced technology or by cutting down the running/operating costs.

But to be the best in this world, to lead this world in the proper way, we need Leaders and not the Managers alone. As Stephen Covey has said in his world famous book, ‘The 7 Habits of highly effective People’, there is this great punch line for us:

Management is all about doing things right. Management may be inclined to do the things in the easiest and cheapest possible ways.


Leadership is all about doing the right things. Leadership will always be inclined to do the things in the best possible rightful ways, not necessarily to be the cheaper ways.

And so Leadership overpowers the Management.

So Leadership should be the prerequisite to the Management. The Leaders can easily become the efficient Managers because they have a proper vision and commitment, but the Managers can’t become Effective Leaders only because they are good at executing things.

Leadership is mostly linked to the character ethic, while the management is mostly linked to personality ethic.

Personality alone doesn’t represent the true character because it emphasizes more on skills, presentation, and methods to set right the things. Instead, Leadership emphasizes on the vision to achieve some higher goal which benefits generally a large number of people, community or society where we live, or even the country.

One of the top leadership coaches, Robin Sharma too explains about leadership in his message along the same lines. In his words, “Leadership is all about doing what is right rather than what is easy“.

What shall we do to become leaders in our lives?

Simple to understand but it requires considerable and consistent effort.

We need to understand that we need to cultivate the good habits like the self discipline, commitment to learn new things day by day, commitment to serve others in whatever way possible, try to build effective teams to bring out the synergy, be authentic in our way of thinking and in our actions, benchmarking with the best to improve our selves or our organizations to the next higher levels, etc.

For doing all the above, where shall we start?

We shall start to achieve all the above by first reading great books, listening to great inspiring speeches, evaluating ourselves with the lives of the great people, adopting principle centered thinking. For all of our readers, who read this article, we suggest reading the books “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma, and “The 7 habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

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