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Homeopathy medicines – A Guide for the Old, Poor and the Needy people

The last stage in human life is Old age. At this stage old people will encounter negligence from others including their families in some worst cases. Not only this, they will develop self negligence. Due to Competitiveness, tension due to pressure of work, spending leisure time on viewing TV, Children’s education etc., youth also neglects them. Though the youth have love and affection towards them , they are not spending sufficient time as expected  by the old people due to the  above reasons. Youth working in foreign countries is also one of the reasons. As a  result, old  people  are getting mental imbalance. They feel  that their vast experience in dealing things and  their sacrifices  for the family have no recognition by their kith and kin.Neglected presence of the old  people in taking decisions in important family matters will lead them to distress and self non-attention over the diseases from which they suffer. As a result they develop a tendency  “What for we are to live?” At this stage if they have some safe Homeo Medicines with them, they can safely use them. If they use these medicines for 4 or 5 days most of their health problems will be solved. If the old age people are from poor families, they can lead their future life peacefully by using these medicines without spending much money and rushing to the hospitals.

Irrespective of the age, if the people are really poor and if they can’t afford the normal conventional medical treatment and expenses with their income, they can switch to Homeopathic medicines which are relatively cheaper but give long lasting and in many cases, permanent results. But only thing to be noted about Homeopathic medicines is that they don’t act instantly in case there is a need of first aid for any severe injury or illness, for which there is no other alternative than to go with the normal conventional medical treatment. However as a preventive measure, Homeopathic medicine is comparatively better than the conventional allopathic medicines. For chronic diseases which cannot be cured completely, these medicines will give some relief to them. Even during their last days these Homeo Medicines will give peace to the  old  people. For this purpose some information regarding the use of these Homeo medicines for the old people have been selected  and briefly shown below. Please verify them with your Homeo doctor or consultant, use them and be benefitted.

List of Common Ailments and the Homeo Medicines

Disease / Ailment

Symptoms (or) Use of Medicine



Fear of death.  High heart  beating. fever and Cold due to  dry cold air

Aconite 30


Blocking of nose.  Breathing through mouth

Ammonium -carb 30

Non clearance of  phlegm

Antim -tart 30

Sounds in lungs

Ipecack 30


High blood pressure and burden on the heart.

Ravalfia- sarpentaina Q

(Ravalfia-Sarpentaina Q controls the B.P. Every night 10 drops to be taken with water)

For high blood pressure

Baryta-mur  30

For low blood pressure

Aconite 30


Works in all stages.

Eucaliptus 30

Clearance of phlegm

Antim-tart  30

Cool  and  wet  weather

Rhus-tox 30


Constipation and dysentery one after the other

Antim crud 30

No inconvenience  even after some days, stool as if hard and burnt.

Bryonia  30

Feels  difficulty  in thin stools also

Alumina 30

Less appetite

Nux-vom 30

Tip: Take the juice of one lemon with hot water at bed time for relief from Constipation. Do not add sugar or salt to it.


Complaints in legs.

Cuprum-met 200

Pains in stomach and abdomen.

Bryonia 200


Mental fatigue and depression.

Selenuam 200

Less remembrance, misunderstand easily, loss of belief in others  and less self  confidence. Hears the sounds of ghosts.

Anacardium 200

Sleeplessness  and nervous weakness.

Kali phos  6X


Gushing of fecal matter number of times

Podophyllum 30

Diarrhea due to indigestion.

Nux-vom 30

Diarrhea and constipation alternate

Antim crud 30


mucus in the motion

Merc-sol 30

Mucus and blood in the motion

Merc-car 30

Gummy matter in motion. Excess gas and urgency in stools.

Aloes 30

Diarrhea  with colic.

Colocynth 30


White coating on the tongue. Excess eating.

Antim-crud 30

Complaints after one hour. Indigestion  of non-vegetarian food.

Nux-vom 30

Indigestion  of oily  and pasty foods.

Pulsatilla 30


Swelling  of legs and hands.

Acid-flor 30

Swelling on face and legs.

Apis-mel 30

Natrum-mur 30


Loss of fat and feels depression. Childish  behavior. Controls weeping.

Baryta-carb 200

Depleted condition and weak.

Stafigracia 30

Acid-phos 30

Acid-picric 30


Over eating.  Less appetite.

Antim-crud 30

Flatus upwards.

Carbo-veg 30

Flatus downwards.

Lycopodium 30

Full stomach with gas.

China 30


Giddiness  on   raising from the bed.

Bryonia  30

Giddiness  on  moving  the eyes, Aggravation on laying down. Complaints of  forced bachelors.

Conium 30

Giddiness  in weakness.

Calcarea  phos 6X


Hearing  problem.

Baryta-carb 30

Total deafness

Causticum 30


Diminished  remembrance

Lycopodium 30

More forgetfulness.

Anacardium 30

Forgetfulness   with weakness

Acid- phos 30

Kali-phos  6X


Red blood from the nose.

Ipecack 30

While washing the face.

Ammonium carb 30

Aggravation by movement.

Bryonia 30

To avoid complaint

Natrum-mur 30


Aggravation on movement. Excess thrust.

Bryonia 30

Knees inflamed, painful and pain creeps up.

Ledampal 200

First movement aggravation and the next movement better.

Rhus-tox  30


Body pains due to exertion.

Arnica-mont 200

Disturbed sleep.

Kaphia-cruda  30

Plasi flora  Q


Pain in urinary tract. 

Ferrum-phos 30

Shivering.  Uncontrolled  urine.

Gelsemium 30

Sensation of urination. Incomplete feeling

Equisetum 30


Cataract beginning stage.

Calcaria flour 6X

Strengthen eye nerves.

Aram-met 200


Inflammation and loss of voice

Bariyta- carb  30

Kali-mur  30


Inflammation of glands

Carbo-animalis  30

Sweating with loss of body heat

Carbo-veg  30


Better by eating.

Anacardium  30

Inflammation of the glands in the throat.

Baryta-carb 30

Aggravation of complaint between 4.00-8.00 PM

Lycopodium 30


Bad smell.  Burning in back.

Cryosot  30

Yellow  discharge.  Stains the cloth.

Sephia  30

Aggravation in the night  with bad smell

Merc sol  30


Brain hemorrhage

Arnica  200

Dullness with forgetfulness

Kali-phos  6X


Completes the menopause period without complaints

Lachesis  200

Headache with heat released from the body.

Amile-Nitrate 30

Feeling of heat in the body. Rush of blood to the head.  Intolerance to the sun light and oven heat.  Producing head ache.

Glonine 30


Enlargement of Prostate gland.

Baryta carb 200

Calcerea flour 6X

10 drops to be taken with water at bed time for enlargement of prostate gland.

Sabal seruveta Q

Stops craving for alcohol.

Aveena sativa Q

Quaricas-G SQ

Note: Use 200 potency once in three days.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on the Author’s experience and for information only. This information can’t be considered as an alternative to the medical prescription which is to be obtained from a recognized Homeopathic doctor.

Courtesy: Sri. Policharla Subbarayudu, a member of Kent Homeo Association, 7/490 NGO Colony, Kadapa-2.

Copyright &copy 2010-2020 ViprasCraft. All rights reserved.

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