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Ethernet connection: PC – Laptop

All brings their personal laptops with them where ever they go. They have a desktop PC at home which is connected to the Internet, but want to share the Laptop documents with the PC. By using Ethernet crossover cable they can manage them (PC – Laptop) by sharing the documents. Since both computers have built-in Ethernet. However, the only Ethernet port on desktop is generally connected to a cable modem for internet. Here there is no need for a modem to build a Private network between the two systems.

You can connect these two systems by using Ethernet crossover cable as shown above. Now you have to manage your IP addresses of the two systems…

The only thing you have to do is identify the IP addresses of both systems, as there is of no unique configuration among the two. For simply, opt for the option” Obtain an IP address automatically” makes a configuration between the two systems with dynamic IP configuration addresses. As it automatically generates the IP address for each PC when they are in a network. Otherwise you can statically configure each system IP address, makes some sort of difficulty in configuration manually..

Drives before sharing…

Now you have to share your Folders or Drives between the two systems by right click on any drive or folder and select properties. Then you find the tab with name “Sharing”, on clicking that you can see as follows..

On selecting “Advance haring” you get the Advance sharing window where you have a check box for share the folder and an option to rename the “Share name” ( here ‘E’ renamed as “All Users PC ( E )”). You can set the number of simultaneous users to share this drive on your network.

You can also has an option for giving permissions to the users by clicking on permissions…

You can give any of these three permissions as listed in above fig.. or you can add specific users by clicking “Add” button and can remove users by using “Remove” button. So you have successfully completed sharing a drive on the network. So the drive looks like as shown in fig…

The shared drives or folders on the network can be seen like this when you open the respective shared computers on the network… 

Hence all the procedure for sharing files and folders between the systems is complete.

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