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Happy New Year 2014

We all must be grateful in this current moment that we are still living. Many might have lost their loved ones in the past year and many others might have lost a great fortune in their lives.

“Lokah Samastah Sukhinobhavantu” is the Vedic saying which means “The whole world shall be Happy and prosperous”.

May the human beings be endowed with wisdom in this generation so that every person on this Earth shall strive to make this a better place to live, share the joy not only with the fellow human beings, but also to extend our love towards all other living beings like animals.

I hope to see a world where selfishness is defeated, corruption is killed and people live and work with enough freedom. We shall no longer be divided by geography as nations, no longer divided as fidels and infidels based on man-made religions, no longer be divided as white and black races, etc.

In some ways animals live better because they don’t have greed, they just need food, shelter and their body wants. Once they get these satisifed they don’t go on harming the others. But we humans act both like divine beings and as monsters!

Only the genuine spirituality (on the lines of Vedic wisdom), free from conversion propaganda and free from the hurry to witness a judgement day, etc can help this world.

Why yearn for a promised heaven when we all have the ability within our limits, to make this world a better place by first being better persons.

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