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Geriatrics and Exercise.

Imagine a scenario where you are unable to even walk for 3 mins, unable to lift the groceries or even activities like combing hair which once you could do effortlessly in seconds.

These are the common complaints we as physiotherapists receive in our clinics daily.

So what is the solution? Why are people facing these issues at a very young age compared to previous generations?

Simple the answer is lack of activity and the constant help we receive with the help of technology.

Aging is inevitable but combined with obesity and lack of activity we are only adding fuel to the growing problem.

What is the solution?

Exercise.! I know all hate that word but I am not asking to hit the gym take membership to expensive places when you are not ready to commit.

We as physios recommend the first take up a test for checking the readiness to do an activity. Once that is done next is adding a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise to start off with.

It can be any of your favorite activities.


Before you hit the activity of your choice, keep in mind certain precautions like warm-up well so that you can perform it with ease and wear comfortable shoes and clothes as your skin needs to breathe and sweat and most importantly make sure you are up to date about your vitals like blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  It is best to avoid if any of them are not stable. 

Lastly, the activity can be ranging from as simple as Walk your pet, skip the elevator or put on the dancing shoes and dance away like no one is watching to intense cardio in the later stages…

These are a sure shot way to boost you and add more feel-good hormones but most importantly they will help you in building a routine which in turn will pave a  way for a healthy you.

Courtesy: Dr.Ms.Sowmya Brindavanam, Masters in Pediatric Physiotherapy.

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