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Find the Real and Inner Happiness through Meditation and by the grace of Guru

All human beings want happiness in their lives. Everybody tries to achieve this in the material life presuming that a good family, a secure job and such other things will provide it. But the real happiness or bliss cannot be found in the outside world.

Though we may enjoy abundant wealth and many comforts, we will not feel satisfied and always deserves more.

The renowned sages were telling us that the answer to this is to be found by `turning within’ and discovering our own hidden or dormant power. But many do not know how to awaken it. So many books are available now explaining many types of Meditation and Yoga. But these books help us only to know about the method of practice, but they are of no avail in spiritual progress.

The dormant power in us can be awakened only by the grace of a Samartha Guru (a realized and an efficient Master) who possesses the ability to transmit his own spiritual energy to others. For this we need not give up our families or jobs to realize it. We can achieve this while leading our normal lives.

The Master teaches us how to turn our minds inwards through the process of meditation. After taking initiation from the Master, the initiated person starts a delightful journey towards God. The released energy gives a push so that when the initiated man sits in meditation his mind looks within and experiences the bliss and intuitive wisdom that lies there. The outlook of the seeker will change after the Yoga and he will develop self-control, discipline, and broad-mindedness. Whatever he enjoys inside will manifest outwardly.

By this practice, one will get discriminating power by which he decides what is wrong and what is right and tends to act rightly because of his discriminating abilities. At every moment his discriminating power will help him to proceed further in the right way. They will exert their personal magnetism though not intentional and will have a positive effect on their fellowmen. He will then witness a new balance (real happiness) in his life.

Sahaj Marg aims to kindle the Divine consciousness within the seekers by means of Pranahuti (Transmission of Spiritual energy) and help them to turn the mind inwards. To know more about Sahaj Marg, our readers are requested to go through the spiritual articles on this website under the label ‘Philosophy’.

Posted by:- B.E.SampathKumar, and P.Subbarayudu, Abhyasis, Sriramchandraji Seva Trust, Kadapa.

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