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Expense Organizer for Employed people now available on ViprasCraft

As ViprasCraft has announced recently through our earlier post, we are excited to further inform our readers, that the expense organizer which is mainly aimed at helping the employees to track their incomes, expenses and savings in a year, on monthly basis and subsequently on yearly basis is now available.

Those who are interested to buy this at a nominal price of € 5.00 (FIVE EUROS only including VAT and other taxes! Payments currently accepted only through Paypal) can send an email to: with the email subject, “ViprasCraft Expenses Organizer”

for first receiving the invoice to your specified email address from which the request mail is sent to us. On successful receipt of the payment within the time specified, in 2 business days, the excel utility will be sent to the Customer.

What is special in ViprasCraft’s Expenses (Expenditure) Organizer of the Year?

While you may get many organizers on the same issue on the internet even for free, we have worked closely with a team to actually verify with them if our expenditure organizer could be used effectively used by them! This was not developed just theoretically, but it took a real effort to understand the needs of the customers and needed flexibility so that each customer can properly categorise their expenses in various cells.

In fact we were thrilled by these private users responses, and we really thought to make this available to public, and that too with a good cause. All the money we accumulate with the sale of this Organizer will be spent for Charities!

We keep posting the updates about the same once we do it.

Coming to the actual excel utility file that runs on Microsoft Excel versions 2003 and later, these are the salient features:

  1. Expenditure (Expense) Organizer is fit for use for any year by just chaning the year name in ‘Jan’ month sheet!

  2. You just need to enter the income earned, all types of expenses in various preset categories available in the utility.

  3. The Income, One-Time expenses, Daily-Expenses & Savings are recorded on daily basis giving you basic statistical & graphical analysis of the same like bar charts, pie diagrams.

  4. The customization if any, required by you, can be easily done (but only to the descriptions) for adapting this file to your daily use, by just chaning the preset information (except those which are appropriately fixed) in January month of every year, which get autofilled for other months.

More Details:

1. Income Sources: Your salary, the salary of your spouse are the fixed items, while you are free to change according to your requirement the categories like Dividend / Shares / Mutual Funds, Rental Income, Interest from Savings, ATM Withdrawals, Credits (from others), Debits (to others)*, Bonus & Other Perks / Benefits.

2. One-Time Expenses: These are the expenses you would have on any date in a month but what is more important is the value of the item rather on the exact timing of such expenses. For instance, if you buy a TV or a refrigerator or some other Home Applicances, you should enter those expenses in this Category. These aren’t the Daily items like Provisions, Travel Expenses, etc.

In these common things like House Rent / Maintenance, Gas, Electricity and Muncipal Taxes (Garbage, Water) are fixed, as everyone will have some expenditure on these items, while Cable TV, House maid / Servant, Phone/Internet, Automotive / Vehicle, Home Appliances / Furniture, College / School fees, Newspaper, Insurance Policies, New House (Engr & Other Staff), Special Items of the month, and Miscellaneous can be changed* according to your will.

3. Daily Items: These are the expenses you would have on a particular day of the month but there is a possibility of buying this item anyday or everyday. And generally these items are moderately expensive items. Again only a few categories of items are fixed, and all other preset items can be changed by you based on your requirement.

In these commong things like Vegetables / Fruits / Flowers, Provisions, Milk / Cheese / Butter, and Travel are fixed as everyone will have some expenses on these items, while Birthday / Wedding Gifts, Medicines / Doctor fee, Petrol / Diesel, Mobile phone expenses, Clothes & Accessories, Parties / Dinners / Eating Out, Books, Stationery, Office Use, Temple / Charities donations, Children’s Expenses, and Miscellaneous are the preset items that can be changed* by you based on your requirement.

4. Yearly Summary: The last sheet after the December is not only useful to you to have a basic global (macroscopic) analysis of your expenses, but also is helpful during the year, as all the data you enter just as sources of income and various one-time and daily expense are automatically reflected in the Summary page.

The share of each month in your total expenditure, the distribution of the one-time and daily expenses are in the form of pie diagrams along with the summarised values, which give you a quick and instant feedback about the pattern or trend of your expenditure and gives you a fair idea of your life style.


As a mutual reciprocation and loyalty building, we would like to appreciate our first 20 customers for their loyalty and the subsequent versions will be shared with them for free. The first 20 customers names will be displayed publicly (only their names or maintaining Anonymity) at the same post soon after we share the expense organizer with them!





Please note that the values to be entered in the corresponding cells should be negative (typing “-” character before the number) for ‘Debits (to others)’ if you intend to maintain the same cell in your Sources of Income. Because of the flexibility provided, it couldn’t be programmed as you may relatively change this item in any order in the list.

When you change the descriptions of the items, please try to avoid long phrases, as the format was developed through various internal revisions of the file by trying hard and the widths of these columns are reasonably fixed. But in case you need to keep long phrases, no problem, the file works well, but only the legends in the graphic representations might get affected and could not look good while printing. It was a more challenging task to fix these widths to suit the entire utility to be printed on the A4 paper size.

Disclaimer: While we took many efforts to include all types of expenses into this utility, we can’t stand guarantee and are not liable legally for any claims, for any expenses that you find are not properly categorized (though we provide enough flexibility), or for any expectations  on the statistics which you haven’t found in this utility. If you order this file at the nominal price mentioned, you agree to our terms that it was based on the efforts the people have put into creating this useful utility that you are paying back as a support for the services. This utility file isn’t a tangible product and can’t be replaced or returned back for the returning of the funds. This utility file being developed in Microsoft Excel will have all the limitations a general Excel file could have, in terms of usage with the application program, or in terms of printing options, or in terms of Security against the Malwares, Viruses that destroy the Software programs. We deem that once the utility is requested by the user according to the procedure mentioned above, the user is fully aware of the above mentioned points and so there wouldn’t be any disputes arising out of such communication with However in case of any dispute, all such claims are subject to the jurisdiction of Kadpa, Andhra Pradesh, India.

‘ViprasCraft’ and ‘Works of the Inspired’ are the trademarks of Microsoft Office and ‘Microsoft Excel’ are the trademarks of the respective owners of Microsoft Corporation.

Copyright &copy 2010-2020 ViprasCraft. All rights reserved.

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