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Escape the Punishment on the Earth and also in the Hell by following the Real Spirituality as define

‘Raja Dhandana’ and ‘Yama Dhandana’ (‘Punishment on the Earth’ and ‘Punishment in the Hell’)

Almost all the religions on the surface of earth believe in Heaven and Hell. Good and pious people will go to heaven and the bad and wicked will go to  the hell after completion of their spell of life on this earth. They get rewards and comforts in heaven and punishments in the hell according to the individual acts (Karma) on the earth during their life time. This is the concept of the people of the main religions, ‘Heaven-Hell’ concept. But there is another concept prevailing in the humanity (especially among Indians) and that proclaims that the living beings are not born on the earth accidentally. They are born for the purpose of undergoing the effects (results) of good and bad deeds of the past and present lives. They consider the earth (this world) as the field of enjoyment in the shape of pleasures and pains. God gives a chance of this life on the earth only to undergo the pleasures and pains according to their past deeds and thereby they become clean and pure. And it is believed that the purity and piousness observed on this earth qualifies to reach the Ultimate (God) which is beyond heaven and hell. This is ‘Karma-Phala’ concept.

In observing the above two concepts one may think that one among the two might be right. It will generally be difficult to accept both at a time. If we say the 2nd one (Karma Phala concept) is right, then the existence of heaven and hell are meaningless. But there is heaven and hell too. On deep pondering over the matter the wise men came to the conclusion that the existence of heaven and hell are meaningful.

Look at the children. They go in the morning to the school and return in the evening. But after a refresh, they are again sent to some other place for study in the name of tuition. Why so? Because it is felt that the study in school is insufficient to get through the examinations of the course which they are pursuing. In the same way the hell and heaven are needed. To those who cannot complete their process of undergoing the effects of vices and virtues, a hell or heaven like tuition (intensive study) is required to complete the course and to pass on to the next spiritual state. This is one kind of explanation.

Keeping this concept in view, let us go to the epics to search in depth for a sentence in support of it. In Mahabharata chapter l2 in Santhiparva we come across a sub-story in which two saintly brothers lived on the banks of the river ‘Bahuda’. The younger brother ‘Likhita’ went to the place of his elder brother ‘Sankha’, where he found an orchard with a number of trees full of fruits. He was hungry and attracted on glancing at the orchard. He picked up some and ate. After a while his brother came and remarked about his misdeed of eating the fruits which does not belong to him and that too without prior permission. Likhita cut a sorry figure and asked his brother what to do to get rid of this act of theft? Sankha suggested to go to their king Sudhyumna and be punished by him according to the rules in force. He obeyed his brother and received the punishment of cutting off his both the hands from the king. 

After undergoing the punishment he again visited his brother and stood before him. At that instant the elder brother announced that ‘ Oh Likhita, my brother now you are free from Yama Dhandana (Punishment from the ruler of Hell) which is more severe than Raja Dhandana the punishment imposed by the King. Though the latter story is unconcerned, let it be completed to suffice the curiosity. Afterwards Likhita on his brother’s advice goes to the river nearby and by taking a dip in it he gets back his two hands as before and there ends this tale.

By this story it is clear that the Hell is in existence to punish the individuals who escaped from the punishment of the ruler of the place where he lives.

In the Indian epic Ramayana in 4th Chapter ‘Kishkinda Kaanda’ there is a sentence supporting the above concept. Lord Rama hiding behind a tree shoots ‘Vali’ by his bow and arrow, while Vali was fighting with his brother ‘Sugreeva’. Vali fell down and finds fault with Rama who came near him. He argues that he is not right to attack on him indirectly hiding behind a tree, that too when he is engaged otherwise (i.e.,) in war with Sugreeva. He also reminds that he belongs to monkey kingdom and no king will hunt the monkeys. In reply to Vali Lord Rama says that he has punished him on behalf of king Bharath (brother of Rama) who is presently ruling the country) for his number of misdeeds (sins). He has developed unnecessary enmity with his brother without even trying to know the truth and teased him like anything. He with his might taken over all the properties including the wife of his brother forgetting the least etiquette. 

Rama after putting forth all the sins committed by Vali,  says that he has given punishment (Rajadandana) in this earth itself to save him from the punishment of the hell (Yamadhandana). At last Vali confesses his sins and extends his thanks to Rama for giving the right punishment on the surface of earth itself and thereby stopping the more severe punishments of the Hell. Accordingly Vali after leaving the body enters the brighter worlds (uttam lokas) directly without passing through  Hell and Heaven.

In this context a view on the present day attitudes is needed. Now a days many people’s goal of life is to earn money. For which they are adopting dishonest and illegal methods. Even number of high professionals and business people are also on the same way. Though they are liable for Rajadhandana(punishment on the earth) they are escaping the said punishment by their intelligent behavior, tactics and with the help of political leaders. But they are forgetting that Yamadandana(punishment in the Hell) is reserved for them.

Some people with their might, money, power, political background and status, take the law into their hands, commit crimes, suppress the facts and escape from punishment (Rajadhandana) and feel that they are above all. They also help their supporters, kith and kin in escaping the punishments. Some other people help the above sinners with their false evidence . There are some others who keep themselves silent to the atrocities and even accidents happened before their eyes forgetting their minimum responsibilities . All these types of people, the sinners, the supporters and the silent spectators will be subjected to the manifold punishments in the Hell (Yamadhandana). They may think that they are brave ,intelligent and wise. But in fact they are greater fools because they invite more severe punishment of the Hell in place of simple worldly punishment. 

In one way the prisoners are fortunate, because they become clean and pure by undergoing their punishments in jail for the crimes committed by them and thereby avoiding the Hell.

 Some may think that how punishment will be executed in the Hell when the physical body after death will be buried or burnt, on the earth itself. For this our scriptures say that a Special body called Yatana Sareera ( body for receiving punishments) will be provided to the soul in the hell for implementing punishments.

On observation of Indian epics, we find another greatness of this earth viz., it is a place where one can take up penance (tapam) and qualify for the brighter worlds. The Hell and the Heaven are the places where one can undergo punishments and pleasures respectively. That’s all. After undergoing these pleasures or sufferings one has to born again on the earth to gain real qualification to enter into the kingdom of the Lord. The Gods and Goddesses of the Heaven are also bound to be born on the earth to take up penance with the help of Master(Guru) for their evolution. There is no chance in Hell or Heaven to take up penance i.e., Tapa for evolving spiritually and to go to the state of mergence with the Ultimate. 

Earth is the only fittest place for this. One can mould the life in such a way that it gains no effects of vices and virtues, good and bad. This can be achieved by performing everything in the sense of duty taking no credit of anything on himself. Having balanced condition with no attachment and detachment towards the happenings in the life is the best. Better to think that all the happenings are according to the will of God and the only thing remaining is to adjust oneself to the will of God. Leading this kind of life having continued dependence on God(ultimate) is itself a great penance and by which one can achieve the real goal of life. Because of this selfless real life, one need not go to Hell or Heaven or to take rebirth on earth. Such a pure person merges in the ultimate at last.

To lead a pious, peaceful and real life with the guidelines of Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj(founder of Sahajmarg), please see the other spiritual articles of this Web site.

Courtesy: Sri P. Subbarayudu (Preceptor) and Sri B.E. Sampath Kumar (Abhyasi) of Sri RamaChandraji Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.

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