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Do your duty, surrender to God and be free from Sorrow

Sorrow is an emotion, feeling, deep distress/sadness for the loss of relatives, friends or something loved. According to Gautama Buddha, the world is full of sorrow, and to solve this problem, He has striven for seven long years and found that wants are the main cause for the sorrow. A learned poet has also proclaimed that the only existing thing is sorrow and sorrow only. A gap between sorrow and another sorrow is being mistaken as happiness.

This sorrow starts from the beginning to the end of a person, whether he has borne in a hut or in a palace. The rich have their own tale of sorrow and the poor have their own. But both are in sorrow. The way they undergo may differ, that’s all. The sages of India say that we come to this world to undergo the effects of our past deeds. And to undergo these effects of our past deeds is a must and no escape from this. Undergoing means we are cleaning ourselves the dirt around our soul which is formed by our past unwanted deeds. So they say that it is good and the known and the right person should invite them, to undergo, so that they become purified. Purification is necessary to merge in the highest i.e., God, and that should be our main goal of life. God has given this body mainly for this purpose and we should utilize this opportunity. Otherwise, we may waste our life and become a cause for rebirth. That means we are recalling sorrow again and again. 

Mahatma Gautama Buddha, who does not deal with higher worlds, also preached that people will get out of this sorrow by developing control over their wants. We aspire for so many things, but we do not deserve them. For example, a father wants his son to become a Police Officer, though he is not fit for it, still, the father does not leave his desire and becomes prey to sorrow. Every wants unfulfilled leads to sorrow.

So what the sages say is ‘control your self and have contentment’, which we can get from the practice of meditation under the right Master (Guru). To relive from sorrow, Lord Krishna said that do everything as duty and leave the result to Lord, that means accepting the Lord as the giver, and He gives what is required for us, but not what we want. Because He knows better what is good for us. So go on doing your duty in the right lines without any tension and undesirable aspiration.

There is a short story, which shows that really we do not know what is good for us. There was a young farmer who lost his foot in an accident. He became very sad and cursed God for the happening. After some months the neighboring king attacked his country. Then his king ordered all youngsters to join the army to fight with the enemy. This young farmer was exempted because of being handicapped. All other young people died in the war, because of their inexperience. Then this man thanked God for losing his foot in the accident and accepted that He knows better than him about his welfare. It is simply a story, but please thinks over it. Throw your burden on the Lord and get yourself free from sorrow. 

To know more about meditation and the right guru, please read the spiritual articles relating to Sahaj Marg posted on this website.

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