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Creative Visualization creates what You want in your life

Creative Visualization creates what we want in our life. Surprised! But it is not only possible in theory but is also possible in practice. Let us see how it is possible. In a single phrase it can be said as “Whatever you want in your life will be created first on your mental plane and then the same will manifest on the physical plane”.

It is as simple as a real life event of going to a theatre and watching a movie. The thought to go to a movie starts first in your mind and then the same thought makes you to think about realizing your dream, in this case, going to a movie. Then you take the necessary action of reserving a seat or buying a ticket, selecting the time of the show and finally you physically move to the theatre to watch the movie.

Though this is a silly example which does not involve so much thought, the idea behind this explanation can’t be neglected. Because there is as such no big difference between Great or Successful people compared to the normal or average people. The difference lies in the way they look at the things and in the way they respond to the situations.

So if you can not believe that your thoughts which form on the mental plane will drive you to realize the same things on the physical plane, then probably your thinking is wrong. The great stories of all the Successful people were preceded by their Great Dreams.

So finally what exactly is Creative Visualization?

The answer is simple. Visualization is the process of imagining something and if this imagination is Creative that becomes “Creative Visualization”.

Imagination has a lot of unleashed power in it. Imagination is the core strength of Architects, Scientists, etc. To be more precise, we can say that Imagination in a well defined form becomes Visualization.

To drive the point home let us see another example. If you are asked to imagine a car, you can just imagine it or you can visualize it.

Just to imagine we can think of a car with four wheels, metal body and an engine in it. This is primitive imagination. But instead of just stopping here, if you imagine further like, you see a car with some red color and made by some company like Ferrari or Mercedes or Audi or Peugeot, etc with their logos on it, the model of the car, the number of doors, seating arrangement, internals of the car like the music system, etc, then your imagination is more precise and it becomes Visualization.

Again in a single phrase we can say about Visualization as “The clear cut imagination of a particular thing in all possible means is the Visualization”.

And then what is Creativity in Visualization? Creativity in Visualization is actually the ‘Visualization’ you do for ‘Creating’ something of value or importance first on your mental plane, i.e., in your mind.

And whatever you create in your mind will attract the similar energy from the physical plane and your thoughts will manifest into your actions and your actions will give you the final desired result.

For this the only necessary thing we need to do is making the habit of doing Creative Visualization regularly.

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