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CORRUPTION – the cause, its effect, the types and the solution for eliminating it

Updated: Jul 27, 2023


Misuse of entrusted funds and power for private/individual gain is termed Corruption. It is generally described as cheating, bribing, or doing other unethical things to get personal benefit or profit. It includes giving or accepting bribes, offering inappropriate gifts, manipulating elections, swallowing funds allotted by the Government/Employer for personal gain, laundering money, cheating investors in various schemes, etc.,

Corruption is universal. It exists in all developed and developing countries in varying degrees, both in the public and private sectors, as well as in non-profit and charitable institutions. Corruption has its own grades and they range from liquor, women and social influence, and finally liquid cash. Many lives have been ruined by bad vices like gambling, drinking, betting, etc., and corrupt people are using these devices to ruin their rivals. Corruption is a major issue for most countries which adversely affects the economy of such countries.


The cause of corruption includes excessive rules and regulations, complicated taxes and licensing systems, numerous government departments with discretionary powers, lack of transparent laws and processes. In poor countries, people become corrupt mainly because their income is not sufficient on par with the rising cost of living. The cost of education and the cost of providing oneself with all the amenities of urban life is not within the reach of the majority of persons and many people find it difficult to lead a comfortable life if they stick to their regular income only. They never bother about the ways and means of earning money. They are more likely to accept money in whatever way it comes.


By nature, corruption anywhere in the world is of two types if broadly classified:

1. Corruption and bribing involved to get what you actually deserve

2. Corruption and bribing involved, to snatch the opportunity from eligible others, for your selfishness.

In many countries, where the majority of the people are poor like in the developing countries like India, and other Asian countries, Type-1 corruption is very much seen as people have to live with it, to get their things done, because of less transparency and high bureaucracy involved in the governance. Moreover, the Governments are heavily centralized and not localized to take of their citizens in a better way.

Type-2 corruption is a disaster for the existence of this world because this ranges from creating a loss to a certain individual, up to destroying a country altogether through diplomatic means which are morally corrupt. Some countries spoil the weak countries through their policy-making thereby causing unrest in the world.

Corruption is encroaching on every sphere of common people’s life. Honest people who are small in number are standing behind in every aspect before the corrupt people. It is causing undue suffering to them even in educating their children. It hurts everyone who relies on the integrity of people in a position of authority. The western world on the other hand attained prosperity only in the recent past.

Corruption is not a thing that we can pick it up and throw away from our society. Unfortunately, we have not found an antivirus solution to this. Even one can find medicine for Cancer and Aids but not for corruption. Cancer and Aids kill only the person affected, but corruption kills the entire nation. As a matter of fact, it is flowing in the majority of people’s blood. Even people are not aware that dishonest earning is a sin and it adversely affects their families.


Nature(GOD) will punish the corrupt people who earned Cores of money and huge properties from dishonest methods in politics, deceiving people, by making others suffer, taking commissions from the contractors, etc., Such persons may meet abnormal deaths viz., suffer from dreadful diseases, involving in Major accidents and brutal murders, etc., It may adversely affect their children viz., disabled or spoilt children or children with incurable diseases may be born in their families. Moral values and the fear of God are gone.

When we think of corruption, everybody must think of himself before blaming the society in which there are politicians, executives, business persons, contractors, Government officials, or anyone else for promoting corruption. The high range of corruption starts from politics.

Before talking about corruption, everybody must question himself whether he is honest in every aspect viz., in paying taxes and in doing duty.


Corruption starts with money and then creeps into the values of life and if this is allowed it will lead to a progressive dissolution of society itself. Incidence of road accidents will point to corruption in administration as corrupt transport officers are likely to issue licenses to unqualified people. If a Contractor constructs a bridge with poor quality by swallowing some percentage of funds allotted to that work for his personal gain and for bribing the concerned officers who allotted the work and if it collapses in a short period and causes damage to the lives of the public, everybody points about the Corruption of the Contractor and the Officers responsible. The curses of the sufferers won’t go fail. If a Doctor conducts an operation for his personal gain knowing fully well that it is not quite necessary, it amounts to corruption.

Nature (GOD) will take its own course of action against the above responsible persons for the suffering caused to the public in the above cases. Even if the Government servants avail leave on false grounds will point to corruption though they may not accept bribes.

Problems are inside everybody. They are never outside. We always think that they are outside. Social change must start with the individual. Change in society cannot be achieved by making certain changes in LAW and refreshing the old laws with new ones. It may be of some help at least 10 to 15% or even less. There are many loopholes in the law and these holes are for eternity. The corrupt-minded people will always search for these holes to find ways and means how to evade paying taxes. For 100 persons involved in corruption-related crimes, only a few numbers are finally convicted. Criminals do not become good citizens out of fear of punishment. All this has made corruption a high-profit low-risk business.


Because of the erosion of religious and moral values in society, somehow corruption has become acceptable to many people. Corruption will make you happy. It gives the fruit of suffering in the next lives. The mind must be made strong to resist the temptation of craving, weakness, and greed that breed corruption. Spirituality can cure such mind sickness perfectly and successfully. It strengthens the mind by cleaning it. It is the only way to correct people from bad to good, better and best. Indian spirituality has enough greatness and strength to eliminate corruption if it is practiced under the guidance of the right elevated person (GURU). Spirituality makes one stress-free, connects to a deeper aspect of one’s self where human values of compassion and commitment can flourish. A massive effort is needed to reinforce the ancient spiritual values.

Lessons about moral values are to be introduced from the elementary school level, so that noble thought will enter into the fresh minds of children. From Primary School, level lessons about moral values and spirituality are to be introduced so that honesty will flourish in the minds of children and youth, and thereby corruption-free societies will develop everywhere. Religious institutions have to come forward and take steps to give practical training in schools and Colleges about YOGA and SPIRITUALITY. Except for spirituality, there is no other way to change a person internally and to become a good citizen in society.

To know more about spirituality, our readers are advised to see the article ‘Absolute Spirituality’ explained by Sahajmarg tagged under ‘philosophy, Sahaj Marg categories’ posted on this website.

Credits: Contributed by Sri. B.E. Sampath Kumar and P. Subbarayudu of Sri RamaChandraji Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.

Copyright &copy 2010-2020 ViprasCraft. All rights reserved.

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