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All the articles published on ViprasCraft are copyrighted as the intellectual property of ViprasCraft. Any illegal misuse of information or sharing or storing of this information by any means either as hardcopies or softcopies for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited and is subject to the sanctions as permitted by the fair IT use policy specified by the Indian Government’s Information Technology act.

However, if you intend to display some portion of the articles, proper back-linking to the site must be done failing which such copying of information even for non-commercial use is deemed as infringing on our copyrights. For reproduction of a part or the whole articles or content of ViprasCraft on any other websites, prior written permission is to be requested from, and the same shall be evaluated by us in each case. We inform all our readers that no part of this website’s content maybe copied and stored in any form either mechanical, softcopy, hardcopy or mirror websites or any other source, unless you are provided a written confirmation by

Having said the above, we confirm that we take utmost precaution for not infringing on any other’s copyrights, we provide proper backlinks if we copy someone else’s information (if necessary with prior approval) but in case if there is any resemblance between our content and of others, it is purely coincidental. Your queries, if any, however can be mailed to us provided at the ‘contact us’ section or by utilizing our social networking pages. ViprasCraft makes every attempt to respect other’s copyright and intellectual property, and we expect the same from the others. Where we use the content from others based on their copyright rules, we provide proper backlinks to their site. 


The views expressed by the author(s) on this website, particularly for the blog articles/posts, are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, and should not be attributed to Any objections to the posted content can always be reported to us through the contact form provided. Such complaints will be scrutinized by our editorial team for further action. 

A reply for each complaint can’t be sent to the sender(s) but we will put our best efforts to maintain our standards and genuine content in the larger interests of this world and our readers.

Thank you!

Copyright &copy 2010-2020 ViprasCraft. All rights reserved.

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