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Constructional features of Caffettiera

After a little introduction in the previous article about Caffettiera, the italian Coffee Pot, one would like to understand its features and the way to use it.

Caffettiera, the most famous and most common Coffee pot available in every Italian home is the best piece of appliance or a gadget made of steel or aluminum that one can have in their home.

It consists of two halves which can be screwed easily with a transition piece in between them and that is all.

It sounds strange but it is a fact that it does not contain anything else. If one carefully observes by taking this caffettiera (a metal gadget with a hybrid look for strangers as it seems something like an hour glass with a handle and a projected mouth like a jug) into their hands, the design and the constructional features of the coffee pot will be much appreciated.

These mere three pieces of metal have all the elements required for making coffee, here coffee refers to strong coffee or caffe normale as called by the Italians. One can not expect to make cappuccino by using caffettiera but as it makes the decoction ready that can be readily added to the hot milk, there will be some varieties that this metal gadget Caffettiera can deliver indirectly, as the coffee decoction is the primary requirement to make Indian coffee or American coffee or whatever coffee it can be, that needs milk.

The top piece of Caffettiera consists of the loose or free lid, only to cover the top cup-shaped half, which contains in its cup a thin hollow tubular projection with two holes at the top. If we observe the bottom of the top cup, we find a sieve or a perforated steel plate with a rubber washer. This acts as one filter.

The bottom piece of Caffettiera consists of a hollow cup only equipped with a safety valve.

The transition piece looks more similar to a funnel but with the conical part almost flat and contains another sieve or perforated plate just above the conical part.

So in total these three pieces or sub assemblies make the Caffettiera, the good looking metal gadget in your kitchen.

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