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Configuring Blackberry smartphones for WiFi WLAN Enterprise networks using WPA-EAP-PEAP-MSHAPv2 sett

We have explained few general points regarding the usage of WiFi WLAN corporate networks and the compatibility of various mobile devices by Nokia, Blackberry, Android, Apple in this article WiFi WLAN corporate network usage on Nokia, Blackberry, Android, Apple iOS devices.

In this article, let us learn how the corporate WiFi WLAN connection can be configured for a Blackberry device and in particular when WPA2 security is chosen with EAP authentication which requires you to configure EAP-PEAP-MSHAPv2-Enterprise-settings. Here we assume that the person works in an organization which provides a WLAN network called ‘ABC-4U’ and the user has an account ‘u010101234’ in DOMABC domain. The group’s certificate is ‘ABCGroup-RootCA’.

A sample settings table for configuring the Wi-Fi WLAN corporate / enterprise network on Blackberry Curve 9300:





Security Type

WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (Enable)

None (Disable)

WEP (Disable)

WPA/WPA2 Personal (Disable)

Enterprise Sub-Type

PEAP (Enable)

LEAP (Disable)

EAP-TLS (Disable)

EAP-FAST (Disable)

EAP-TTLS (Disable)

EAP-SIM (Disable)

EAP-AKA (Disable)





CA certificate

or ‘ABCGroup-RootCA’

(as prescribed by your organization)

Inner link security

EAP-MS-CHAP v2 (Enable)

EAP-GTC (Disable)

Auto (Disable)



Use hard token

Server subject

Server SAN

Disable Server certificate validation

This could be different based on your organization settings for WLAN.

Band Type

802.11 b/g/n

SSID broadcasted

Automatically obtain IP address and DNS

Allow inter-access point handover

Save & Connect

Select either ‘Save’ for connecting later or ‘Save & Connect’ to immediately connect with your WLAN of the organization.

We hope this information helps you to sort out any issues with your Blackberry for connecting with your organization’s WLAN networks using WPA/WPA2 Enterprise options. For other models of the Blackberry smartphones some settings could change but the basic security parameters are generally those mentioned above, which are also common for other smartphone platforms or devices like Nokia-Windows, Nokia-Symbian, Apple-iOS, Samsung-Android, Samsung-Windows, HTC-Android, LG-Android, etc.

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