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Coffee Making with Caffettiera

The Italian Coffee pot Caffettiera and its Constructional or design features are well described in the previous articles. Coffee making with Caffettiera is much easier if one understands its constructional features and there is no special method of making coffee using this appliance, but the only difference that we find in Coffee making with Caffettiera is by the way the coffee is made in contrast to the other common methods of making coffee.

Generally, as the whole world knows, the way or the principle involved in ordinary coffee making involves three steps.

First we take sufficient amount of coffee powder in a vessel, and add water to it.

We heat the vessel until coffee is well boiled and gives a good aroma.

Then we separate the solid particles from these solution or liquid by filtering it with a sieve or a cloth.

We can directly consume the coffee made by adding sugar or milk according to our taste.

A little variety can be a conventional filter coffee, still more common in Indian homes. The filter consists of two jars. The coffee solution is poured in the top cup with a perforated base, and after some time, the coffee filters out into the bottom cup. And the rest of the procedure is the same.

Now comes the difference between Caffettiera and the ordinary filter coffee.

In contrast to the normal filter coffee, the filtering of Caffettiera is quite different. This can be easily understood by learning the process of coffee making with the Caffettiera, the Italian Coffee pot.

Coffee making with Caffettiera

  1. Fill the Bottom cup of the Caffettiera with pure water till the level of safety valve.

  2. Insert the Filtering funnel or Transition piece into the Bottom cup. It gets seated and rests over its flange in the bottom cup.

  3. Fill the space above the perforated plate in the filtering funnel or Transition piece, with the Coffee powder. The Coffee powder should not be too finely ground powder. It is better if it has slightly coarser grains.

  4. Screw the top cup over the Bottom cup and place the Caffettiera directly on the stove.

  5. Heat the Caffettiera till the Coffee starts oozing out of the holes in the hollow tubular projection in the top cup. Take care to keep the flame low to avoid excess spillage of the coffee which may be dangerous due to the hotness of the liquid.

  6. Stop heating the caffettiera when the liquid stops oozing out of the tubular projection in the top cup.

  7. Add sugar and milk according to your own taste and flavor.

  8. After using the Caffettiera please be patient to immediately wash it once it gets cooled.

Caffettiera manufacturers in Italy like Moka express, Cika express, etc suggest to wash this appliance only with water and recommend the users to avoid using the detergents, as they change the flavour or aroma of the coffee and also they are detrimental to the surface finish of the appliance.

As one can clearly understand by looking at Caffettiera, it is a precisely manufactured metal appliance, with appropriate dimensions and the use of detergents may damage the surface finish or the metallic coating and this may accelerate the corrosion rate of the device, as it is subjected to large amount of heat due to the flame while coffee is being made.

The users must also take care to stop heating the caffettiera once they see no liquid coming out of the hollow tube in the top cup. that marks the emptying of the water from the lower cup and any further heating may permanently damage the internals of the Caffettiera and may make it unusable any more.

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