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Adopting Vegetarian diet besides leading a pious life makes any person, a True Brahmin

Vegetarianism is the closest practice to follow non-violence and that will lead to Human compassion towards animals, besides contributing to a person’s tranquility to a certain extent. Instead, meat consumption is violence towards animals and it contributes to uncontrollable passions that become the root cause of people’s selfish behavior to a certain extent.

To call a spade a spade, we sometimes need courage and determination to face the criticism, especially if you are addressing something to a group in which the majority of people oppose the concept. Speaking about Vegetarianism, Humans love towards animals, Spirituality will generally draw more criticism than appreciation, because the majority of the people in this world support the meat eating habits citing health reasons, religious reasons, cultural reasons or some other.

In this article, the term ‘Brahmin’ is used where felt needed, and we humbly request you to understand it in the true spirit, that it is by the deeds and not by the caste alone, that people are to be called ‘Brahmins’. A true Brahmin is the person who is in the path of devotion to attain Brahma (the Supreme God). Anyone can become a Brahmin – either knowingly or unknowingly – once they follow the vegetarianism, by pious deeds to serve the other people, by having devotion on God, by having the will to attain the Supreme God.

The western world generally emphasizes about certain things from the religion only when they scientifically discover something, which validates the things mentioned in the religious books. Till then they don’t fully believe in the legitimacy of the things preached by the religion. This approach is particularly good to either accept or reject certain things, which could remain as myths forever if they are not scientifically proven or validated. Therefore, there can be contradictions between religion and science. Any good religion with its inherent endurance shall update itself over time to get rid of these contradictions, otherwise science and religion fall apart from each other.

Fortunately, when it comes to Hinduism and ancient Indian culture, the science and the religion/culture are inseparable, the spiritual intellect was often linked to the scientific approach. There had been so many rituals and traditions envisaged for daily practice, which had the underlying scientific wisdom of the time. And again, there had been many Gurus or spiritual leaders in India, who by their spiritual prowess, have periodically reformed the Hindu culture by eliminating the unwanted aberrations that have crept in during the course of time.

The scientific approach in Hindus’ rituals and routines (Vedic or Brahmanic practices) is evident from many scientific discoveries that are happening today. Some of the finest examples are the practice of Yoga, Meditation and following a Vegetarian diet, which are now widely being practised and publicized by the Western world. As they now have the scientific quantitative analysis and in depth knowledge about these practices and the health benefits associated with them. But the same are being practised by the Indians for so many centuries.

‘Survival of the fittest’ as famously stated by ‘Darwin’ holds good even for the cultures and religions. That was the reason why the civilizations flourished in India since times immemorial or at least since 5000 BC as per recorded history.

The intention here is not to comment about any religion or any culture or any country in particular or about their food habits, but only to discuss the various paradigms we have, to understand the co-existence of humans with other living beings like animals, trees, plants and any other creature on this earth.

Biologically man is an animal, but treats the other fellow animals as inferior objects. They are not objects like cars or bikes or other machines to bear the brunt of the human wants or desires, but are living beings which feel just like the humans do. And we hurt the feelings of animals too, by the way we behave with them.

What if some other far more superior species of animals ‘super-humans’ existed on this earth and treated the humans like how we are treating the animals, because they like human flesh?

They would be speaking a different language incomprehensible to the humans like those of animals today. They might be using more sophisticated and advanced technologies than those used by humans today.

Why should we speak about human rights alone when we destroy the living rights of the animals?

If you believe in the sentence, “Eating meat makes you healthy”, it is basically a modern myth or a common misinterpretation, because if you read the book “The Higher Taste ” by ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), which besides providing the various vegetarian recipes, emphasizes the need of vegetarianism and the physical and spiritual advantages associated with it. You find that in this book, there are numerous references to the American or Canadian Health research centers, Cancer research organizations, UNO’s statistics and many, explaining the problems linked to the meat eating and the economical impact of meat eating leading to world’s poverty, etc. Those are quite interesting for anyone at least to have a glance at it.

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