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Achieving Peace through the help of Guru and Divine Grace

Almost all the people in the world are in a state of unrest and disorder and craving for peace. So many efforts for bringing peace have been failed as they are merely external, touching only the outer surface.

Really this problem is of the individual first and society afterwards. As such it needs to be tackled in that order first. As it is, individual minds which themselves lack peace and tranquility are trying to establish peace in the world. Is it not ridiculous?

The mind which in its primordial state was absolutely pure and regulated has now been spoiled and polluted by our wrong ways and doings. It is now to be set right so as to resume its original state.

The only way open to mankind is to take the spiritual way of life, which is unfortunately absent today, leading to all this chaos. Now it is necessary to adopt means which may promote the feeling of peace and calmness of mind of the individual man. What we have to do for the purpose is to introduce proper adjustments in the mental tendencies of the individual, which in effect is the proper moulding and regulation of the mind. This is possible when the individual mind develops up to the state of universal mind.

The proper moulding of the tendencies of the mind is the primary factor of any system of Sadhana (practice). The regulation of mind must therefore be the very basis of all spiritual practice. Numerous means and practices have been and are advised for the purpose.

Almost all systems of Sadhana have two aspects, one self-practice and the other the Master’s help and support. In order to develop the required condition, self- effort (Practice) alone is not all or even enough. It must be supplemented by Divine Grace, which is the one essential for the purpose.

The inflow of Divine Grace is possible through the medium of the Master alone. The selection of such a worthy Master is certainly a problem. When you happen to come in contact with one, try to understand whether or not his association promotes in you a feeling of peace and calmness and the restless tendencies of your mind seem to be silenced for the time being at least without causing any weighty effect upon it. If it is so you must thereby conclude that he can be a fit person to help you in the solution of your life problem.

By connecting ourselves with such a person with love and devotion and by practicing meditation in the right manner, we begin to get transformed accordingly. In short we have to break down one by one the bondages which serve to keep us down under limitations and tensions.

Thus if our individual minds are reformed first, automatically the peace will prevail all over the world, as the world peace is closely related with the peace of the individual.

— A collection from the messages of Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shajahanpur.

Courtesy: Sri B.E. Sampath Kumar and Sri P. Subbarayudu from Sri RamaChandraji Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.

Copyright &copy 2010-2020 ViprasCraft. All rights reserved.

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