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About us

ViprasCraft (“Works of the Inspired”) website is aimed at providing this world the authentic and great insights over a wide array of topics ranging from Technology, Information, Personality development to Spirituality, Philosophy, and much more, purely based on authentic sources of knowledge and wisdom or sometimes based on hands on experience.

ViprasCraft website was initially launched as a hobby blog/website, just like many other millions of blogs that are flooding the internet today, but our objective has always been to contribute to this world by providing genuine information and valuable insights for the readers, to leave our readers in a comparatively better state, which is nothing but contributing to this world like adding a water drop to an ocean.

Everyone in this world has more or less equal opportunities for self-transformation and become a leader to become successful in his/her life and then to guide the others. But many people lead their lives without proper guidance and support when they really need them. The need of the current generation is leadership which is significantly different from management. Now the world is running after management only interested in skills, presentations, techniques to develop their businesses, and mainly to survive the competition.

But the genuine and the long term success comes to those who become the leaders in their life. Leaders outperform their competitors, as leadership needs a complete personality to be developed, not just the outward appearance or skills. Companies or businesses are nothing but a large group of people as we all know. There is the important and unavoidable human element everywhere in this world despite the advances in the science and technology. When humans are involved, they have feelings, paradigms and various weaknesses, which influence the others around them. Hence there is a need of the leadership for the benefit of the world.

Leadership also restores the character ethic, which has been lost in the current generations over a few decades as the focus had been only on the personality ethic. Again, the personality needed for leadership is not just about the physical form or the looks, but personality has five dimensions to it – 1. Physical, 2. Mental/Emotional, 3. Intellectual, 4. Spiritual and 5. Energy dimensions.

ViprasCraft, as a website, wants to be a leader in its own niche, and so it has taken up this responsibility of providing the best to this world on these personal development aspects, to provide content that covers all these dimensions.

In that direction, our team initially consisting of technical personnel, has also approached the elders and wise people to get their support to our cause by contributing to this website using their spiritual wisdom, intellect and their experience of life.

Due to their amazing support and inspiration, we had posted on this website a series of articles, which explain about the spirituality in the realistic and simplest way possible. The spiritual wisdom naturally brings to the fore the intellect of the person besides creating the emotional balance. It also emphasizes the need of meditation as a daily practice. In this way, the three important dimensions (Spiritual, Intellectual  & Mental/Emotional dimensions) needed for developing a leadership personality are easily achieved. The other two dimensions – physical and energy – are also heavily influenced by these 3 dimensions.

ViprasCraft has just begun its long journey and is on its way to reach the millions of online internet users over the last 4 years. Whatever books we read either for worldly material gains and wealth generation, or for spiritual enlightenment, some great people have remarked, “One idea from one book (or one blog) can change your life.”

A website is nothing but an online book with different styles and formats of the pages. So referring to a good website very often is just like reading a book.

And if our website can bring a small but a permanent change in the people’s ideas and perceptions, or in the way people lead their life, or if it can answer a few long standing questions to the spiritual seekers, the objective of this website is very well achieved. Please do share with us your comments, compliments or constructive criticism which could further inspire us to bring out few more books like this one.

Thank you!


Copyright &copy 2010-2020 ViprasCraft. All rights reserved.

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