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CORRUPTION - the cause, its effect, the types and the solution for eliminating it

Misuse of entrusted funds and power for private/individual gain is termed as Corruption. It is generally described as cheating, bribing or doing other unethical things in order to get personal benefit or profit. It includes giving or accepting bribes, offering inappropriate gifts, manipulating elections, swallowing funds allotted by the Government/Employer for personal gain, laundering money, cheating investors in various schemes etc.,
Corruption is universal. It exists in all developed and developing countries in varying degrees, both in the public and private sectors, as well as in non-profit and charitable institutions. Corruption has its own grades and they range from liquor, women and social influence and finally liquid cash. Many lives have been ruined from bad vices like gambling, drinking, betting etc., and corrupt people are using these devices to ruin their rivals. Corruption is a major issue for most of the countries which adversely affe…

Homeopathy medicines - A Guide for the Old, Poor and the Needy people

The last stage in human life is Old age. At this stage old people will encounter negligence from others including their families in some worst cases. Not only this, they will develop self negligence. Due to Competitiveness, tension due to pressure of work, spending leisure time on viewing TV, Children's education etc., youth also neglects them. Though the youth have love and affection towards them , they are not spending sufficient time as expected  by the old people due to the  above reasons. Youth working in foreign countries is also one of the reasons.

As a  result, old  people  are getting mental imbalance. They feel  that their vast experience in dealing things and  their sacrifices  for the family have no recognition by their kith and kin.Neglected presence of the old  people in taking decisions in important family matters will lead them to distress and self non-attention over the diseases from which they suffer. As a result they develop a tendency  "What for we are to l…

Tapatraya (3 Cravings) of Humans and the suitable methods to suffice them

Tapatraya in Sanskrit, means 'The 3 Cravings (Anxieties)' of the Human Life. Trying for a thing or for a purpose with undue longing and anxiety is generally called as Tapatraya (Craving). This is the common man’s view. But spiritually this has got a different meaning, a meaning in true sense.

These three kinds of cravings termed as Tapatraya are  - 1. Aadhi Bhouthika (Physical), 2. Aadhi Dyvika (Mental), and 3. Adhyatmika (Spiritual).

The explanation of these three may differ from one school of thought to the other. But let us think according to our view.